Biden is clueless about this: GOP lawmaker

Sen. John Thune addresses rising gas prices and a possible Build Back Better bill revival on ‘Kudlow.’ #foxbusiness #kudlow

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  1. Biden is like a slap in the face to the Americans of America.

  2. The biggest thing that I don't understand is how can they lie and get away with it how can they do all this and get away with it why is this happening oh man if this was the 45th President Ronald Trump he'd be behind bars and thrown out of the White House and impeached I just don't understand how far this is going to go on until something is done like get him out of the White House there's so many lies and so many reasons and so many ways that he could be impeached because of what he has done and the choices he has made between his son all the way to the lies and deceit in on everything there's so much it's hard to keep straight he's lied so much maybe that's what they're trying to do keep we the People confused that way we the people do nothing to him cuz there's so many lies out there which one do we pick which one do we work on which one do we impeach him with very confused and only getting worst

  3. Like the old saying goes, you made your bed you sleep in it Joey. Sleep tight November is 5 Months away. Lol

  4. Joe is senile, but he’s not clueless. He knows he’s in trouble, but he IS clueless about how to fix it.

  5. JoJo.. JOE, sit down in the primary classroom and shut the mouth. I go to explain you what it´s INFLATION. And where is coming from.. OK JOE?. Remember the day sitting in the Oval Office signing the pile of carpets on your table; so, the problem is the PENS you used to lay down your signature on these carpets, destroying the KEYSTONE PIPELINE and all what TRUMP´S BUILT during his term. We go to take these PENS and stick them in your rear end. You´re good for GUANTANAMO..

  6. I will stand with Trump

  7. blowing smoke up ur whoha

  8. I guess I'm clueless too then, because I don't understand in the slightest: if Biden is a demented, foolish disgrace to the country, why won't they–DUH–remove him?

  9. Never use that Word, Fake: Reconciliation" Reconciliation is never what they say .Am I right, Don't even say it.

  10. Republican base want the people involved planting Alpha Bank Evidence on a Sitting president of the United States prosecuted to full extent.
    See why they wanted Michael Flynn out of the way. Ukraine.

  11. Back in the day, if you didn't do the job you were hired for, guess what happened? YOU GOT FIRED! So WHY are all these politicians and Federal employees still drawing a paycheck when they're not doing their jobs?

  12. Biden administration one big cluster f ck.

  13. I can understand how Moses felt SMH and on that day were the people started yelling and crying and complaining I understand the story but still it's like dang he didn't even want to do it then he didn't get to go in but he got to see it so sad and the people got to see what they didn't even believe how many times have you heard someone say that's not going to work and then find out oh it Do indeed work if a new scientist comes in with a new development no one wants to listen and the whole time they had the Cure.. if your way isn't working anymore and someone else has a better way try it because nothing else you doin is workin Amen don't be the villain who always wait for everything to become worse then look for the solution Amen it's OK everything will be OK just take a moment please Amen 🙏

  14. He has Satellite 🛰️📡🛰️ pass codes . He shot jfk .
    That money . Is just digital. All you have to do is work around it .
    He is telepathic . Every one is . So pass words are not safe if you have friends . They can read your mind . They can do voodoo , steal some of your trash and steal your pass words .

  15. But . He is in pain . His implants are rotting .

  16. Charles Manson.
    You have his prints . He went to prison . Got his face broke in prison . That is how he escaped prison . Medical emergency.

  17. Mashion was smart to make sensible decision but he's changing to their dumb and dumber decision maybe they gave a share of their stolen assets. There's something behind it

  18. Biden. Clueless alright. He's playing games with American lives to feed his greedy, self righteous ego. Has no boundaries to aquire Ultimate Power over the People. Attacking to break our middle class.




  22. Why not impeach and get our AMERICA BACK FOR ALL OF U S A !!!!!

  23. Translate stupid for me.

  24. Planned demic! The truth will set us all free!