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Biden is committed to 'clean energy jobs': White House

FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis reacts to President Biden’s decision to block the Keystone XL Pipeline. #FoxBusiness

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  1. On the campaign trail, Biden talked about opening up the economy. The first day after being sworn in, he put thousands of people out of work with a stroke of a pen.

  2. Clean energy jobs along with clean 10% for the big guy lol

  3. So where are the details about those "clean energy" jobs?? Wouldn't it be smarter to have those mysterious jobs available before putting 50,000 people out of work??? This president certainly doesn't intend on creating "unity".

  4. Ahhhhhh day one and he is killing jobs I wonder how many of biden supporters are loosing there jobs

  5. How many pipelines do we have 100 200 thousand. Plus this is tar pit oil not conventional oil way more polluting and pops a leak every other year from the corrosive. No thanks keep it Canada!!

  6. poor kid signing what they told him to sign😔😊

  7. I can't wait for illegals to start receiving SS benefits that they didn't pay $1 into and I've paid $40K into.

  8. So when can I start sending my tax dollars to a government that will use it for the peoples best interest if we the people don't get to vote on new laws then what's the point of a government they don't control the human race. so why spend so much of our tax money on funding people who don't have beliefs in the Bible and our constitution they want unity come to the people and ask what we want and build from that this whole media thing is a joke and is bad in so many ways the government is broken and that's the bottom line we need a new goverment with term limits on all and no reason they should get rich serving the United states. I hope the military takes over so we can start fresh with a government that works for us. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. No, he’s committed to destroying this country.

  10. Biden committed to suicide?

  11. Don’t ever support this fraud! You did that FOX. Now you see this perv and crook.

  12. So there will be no jobs period

  13. I only clicked because it says Biden committed I thought to the nut house. He showed up in Washington state to be sworn in….. idiot

  14. Everyone who says oil pipeline jobs only create temporary construction jobs have clearly never worked on these "green" energy jobs. 1 Billion dollar solar plant that I was part of the construction engineering team created 500 temporary jobs and 2 that's right 2 full time jobs. 300 MW solar farm constructed by over 1 million gallons of diesel fuel. GREEN!

  15. He is going to run the economy into the ground and put millions out of work 👏👏👏 congrats on the fraud victory

  16. over 1000 people died today because of joe Biden mishandling of the chyna virus and its only his 1st day

  17. Check out Beau the Fifth Column “ let’s talk about Trump’s accomplishments” it’ll turn your head, trust me.

  18. This just in … all news channels are suffering in insurmountable amount of dislikes… no matter what we speak on …. there are dislikes …. the news will slowly fade away like the sunset from hell

  19. Cut jobs and raise taxes, and if that isn't enough we're gonna remove the wall and let immigrants flood in to compete for whatever is left. Americans got played

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