Biden is just transferring student debt: Sen. Bill Cassidy

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., explains what Biden’s student loan handout actually means and how GOP Senators are moving to get rid of the plan on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. SOFI BANK shareholders not fair to them. Stock price would be at $ 25.00 if not for Biden

  2. Biden needs to be in a Diaper.

  3. Sofi shareholders… Hurt on this Biden vote buying scam.. Shareholders took a major hit. Just wait until june tic toc. Dems buying votes…. GOP # 1

  4. This is insane!!!!
    So iif Biden cancels student loans.
    He should be able to cancel our car loans and home mortgages.
    I mean its only FAIR, right?? ..??

  5. People didn't always agree They made me think I wasn't taking a loan it was just for "formality" if grants didn't cover it. I worked 2 years for a degree then they charged me $54 k I was shocked I did not know they borrowed from the Gov.Tgen couldn't get a job with a Associate Degree of Business Administration.

  6. Waugh!…Daddy, make them pay my bill…

  7. Agree 100%. But the Federal student loan guarantee program continues to give lenders risk-free profits backed by taxpayers, that's how the whole program was designed by finance lobbyists. That's why college costs are so reduculously high, with loan money funneled into college administration salaries, pensions and lifetime benefits. The whole program needs to be scrapped. In the meantime the government needs to stand by it's guarantee obligations by law, loan forgiveness could actually save money in the long run since the loans are still accruing interest and a large portion may never be paid back.

  8. Republicans need to have a counter plan, matching payments to encourage repayment and cancel interest. That is legal… Biden's plan is not

  9. It's misleading to judge all students as "lazy" who took loans, and say that it's not fair to pay for it.

    It's equally as unjustified that I as a student have to pay for your social security, which won't even last long enough for me to use it.

    Furthermore the debt that would be cancelled would boost purchases in the economy keeping more "blue collar" workers on the job. That is the most vital consideration when consideration the direction of the economy.

  10. Wow, Cassidy and Cornyn trying to act like they are conservatives when everyone knows they are rinos

  11. Ok now make this argument with the aid to Ukraine

  12. GOP senators, get the PPP loans paid for two trillion bailout

  13. Typical hypocrisy

    “Programs like the Paycheck Protection Program provide a lifeline to small businesses, churches, and charities as we recover from the pandemic. Passing this legislation extends the time to apply for these loans, helping just a little bit more,”

  14. Eliminate bankruptcy for everyone

  15. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today……,,

  16. All those who signed the loan documents were over 18 and signed of their own free will. I was not consulted during the process, I am not legally responsible for the document signers, nor did I benefit from the loans. I am NOT responsible to pay their debt. They want to be treated as adults, then it's time to take responsibility for their actions.

  17. No it's election interference by trying to buy votes! PERIOD

  18. Pay your own debt off. How about the biden administration pay for it out of their pocket being they caused it. Biden administration is going to hell for this. They will be I hell for all eternity. The End.

  19. How unbelievably stupid do you have to be to approve of what Biden has done…?

  20. How about paying off my credit card. I borrowed it but makes more sense if everyone else pays it off for me. Thanks in advance.

  21. It's as if the democrats work for another country that hates AMERICA…

  22. you take loans out you pay your loans not up to rest of americans to pay others debts.

  23. Blah Blah BLAH,. Tax the Rich!!!