Biden issues executive order to make artificial intelligence safer, more secure

President Joe Biden signed an executive order aiming to make artificial intelligence safer and more secure. NBC News’ Christine Romans details how the order encompasses privacy and consumer rights.

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  1. Industrialization globalized the civilization enabled by agriculture. Computerization buffered the shock of
    reaching the Earth’s limit. AI will allow sustainable development, helping R&D (including medicine &
    education) or human tasks (including decision-making.) I wish the US leads the world in AI utilization
    policies, improving wealth production (including safety) & distribution, plus human uplift & involvement.

  2. 😂😂😂Ai is safer and secure but not the world. FAIL

  3. Yeah, right.
    Its way too late.

  4. The President Biden is doing the right things and very good for the country’s future 🇺🇸👍❤️

  5. May Briben natural unintelligence requiest support of artificial intelligence …

  6. Good because all of this misinformation is given a huge boost thanks to these AI generated photos people are to stupid to see how fake some these photos are

  7. ✓ I believe we are meant to be like Jesus in our hearts and not in our flesh. But be careful of AI, for it is just our flesh and that is it. It knows only things of the flesh (our fleshly desires) and cannot comprehend things of the spirit such as peace of heart (which comes from obeying God's Word). Whereas we are a spirit and we have a soul but live in the body (in the flesh). When you go to bed it is your flesh that sleeps but your spirit never sleeps (otherwise you have died physically) that is why you have dreams. More so, true love that endures and last is a thing of the heart (when I say 'heart', I mean 'spirit'). But fake love, pretentious love, love with expectations, love for classic reasons, love for material reasons and love for selfish reasons that is a thing of our flesh. In the beginning God said let us make man in our own image, according to our likeness. Take note, God is Spirit and God is Love. As Love He is the source of it. We also know that God is Omnipotent, for He creates out of nothing and He has no beginning and has no end. That means, our love is but a shadow of God's Love. True love looks around to see who is in need of your help, your smile, your possessions, your money, your strength, your quality time. Love forgives and forgets. Love wants for others what it wants for itself. Take note, love works in conjunction with other spiritual forces such as faith and patience. We should let the Word of God be the standard of our lives not AI. If not, God will let us face AI on our own and it will cast the truth down to the ground, it will be the cause of so much destruction like never seen before, it will deceive many and take many captive in order to enslave them into worshipping it and abiding in lawlessness. We can only destroy ourselves but with God all things are possible. God knows us better because He is our Creater and He knows our beginning and our end. Our prove text is taken from the book of John 5:31-44, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, Daniel 7-9, Revelation 13-15, Matthew 24-25 and Luke 21. Let us watch and pray… God bless you as you share this message to others.

  8. 😂 i got nothing on this one

  9. OMG, Imagine the low IQ required to believe AI exists

  10. artificial intelligence safer
    GOD – “I made mankind in my likeness”

    Mankind, relentlessly attempts to destroy GOD and mankind.

    Mankind – “I made Artificial Intelligence in my likeness”

  11. Biden order AI only to follow democrat narratives and never stray away from his talking points, FTFY🤣

  12. , confined to set regulations and limitations, and always used for surveillance on citizens.

  13. Biden wants to support the whole world and nothing for America!

  14. Biden and intelligence in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

  15. How about requiring consent before people are exposed to AI? Let people decide if they want to interact with chat bots and other AI entities. Like on this site, we should be told if comments are generated by non humans.