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Biden kicks off 1st foreign trip since taking office | WNT

The president will meet with G7 country leaders and Queen Elizabeth, then with NATO and EU members in Geneva, finishing with a high-stakes one-on-one with Vladimir Putin.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Snopes fact checks this claim as: "False". Our experts at the University of California, Berkeley's Gender studies department agree, there is no G7 conspiracy of ordering military personal to attend Biden events. They're quoted as screaming, "get out of here bigot", as their expertise on the topic was tacitly questioned. ​#saveAbuela​

  2. Bliiiden what an embarrassment,what a fool. God bless us . You know abc will not help, no less tell the truth. Fake news central

  3. Back to "business as usual". America being sold out by our "leaders".

  4. Hopefully during this trip, Dementia Joe won't trip up the stairs and Hunter won't call anyone a racial slur against black people. And, hopefully, this comment won't get removed for the third time. YouTube – the bastion for free speech. NOT!!

  5. 4K down and barely 1k up and only after 12 hours… 😂 😂 😂. Pathetic reporting

  6. No one clapping behind him by the army they missed the cue to clap

  7. U know I don’t support Biden and not trying to be mean to those that do,he was TRYING TO BOMB PUTIN THATS Y HE GOT HIS BOMB CODES AND ALL THAT GONE

  8. Our apologies to the rest of the world but this is who the corporations and elites hand-picked to be president. I guess he is the best they got.

  9. let hem know what i want him to know….BIDEN IS A GOOF BALL…..WOW

  10. I have 100 % feeling you Both end in prison jB & P Violation intentionally unnesasary our liberty freedom

  11. Keep the dislikes coming.

  12. Damn, why are Democrats so obsessed with Russia for 😂😂😂😂

  13. 미국백인들과 미국인디언들이 화합할수 있는 일들.영혼들의 일들 포함.
    미국세계관에서는,미국백인과 미국인디언이 짝인된 30커플 정도 부부들이(옛날복장 부부모습으로),서부미국인 모습인들1줄과 미국인디언 모습인들 1줄의 좌우로 보호를 받는 행렬을,1년에 한번씩(미국한번,남미한번) 미국과 남미에서 각각 20년정도를 하는 일들.커플들 앞에는 큰 바구니들을 들고다니면,관중들이 꽃들을 넣어주는 일들.행렬의 끝에는,이들 커플부부들이 다시 한번 결혼식을 하면서,좌우행렬로 있던 서부미국 백인들과 미국인디언들의 축하들을 받는 일들.해볼수 있다고 하심.
    God(Our Lord),given this messages.

  14. What a difference in how Presidents represent themselves, and I say this non biased, America looks sad

  15. Is President Trump going to shadow him in Europe like obama did him.

  16. Already made a clown of himself😂

  17. តើអាមេរិកនៅរក្សារជាមហាអំណាចលេខ1លើពិភពដែលឫទេព្រោះបច្ចេុប្បន្នកំពុងប្រជែងឥទ្ធិពលរវាងចិនអាមេរិកនិងរុស្សីុ

  18. Back to the world stage? You mean giving all our money away to a bunch of filthy socialists? Keep him away from the girl scouts.

  19. Hes hoping hes going where age of consent is nine years old

  20. These propagandists need to be lynched

  21. Putin doesn't respect Biden. He only respects strength. And the fact that Biden won't say what he will tell Putin is very telling.

  22. Kind of embarrassing, sending a dementia patient to represent this country. They are only going to mock him.

  23. Ok media do what you do best. Spin this into how the world not falling on their knees in thankfulness is shaking in their boots at the presence of Biden the great negotiator. 🤪😂😂😂

  24. biden embarrasses himself in front of world leaders.

  25. He can't force his Marxist adjenda,go on a "working" vacation..

  26. Dislikes are ALWAYS higher than Likes on any post with Biden in it and that tells me one thing.

    Nobody likes this asshat old man. Rigged.

  27. Kicking off a beddy by nap time trip for the fake President.

  28. Can we just have Trump back again, this bumbling fool tries to make us think he's against Russia while allowing Russia to have an oil pipeline but the US can't?

  29. Will he fall up the stairs again???

  30. Here’s to you Joe Biden, the only president and VP to get the most thumbs down in all videos. Here’s an extra one for the road 👎

  31. Why did you lose ———-//Never ever was talk about
    And why
    City hill

  32. He can’t even talk right and he’s making speeches. They will just laugh at him

  33. The list Biden bring to Putin is long, but Biden isn’t going to do jack squat.
    Case in point, Biden already approved that pipeline from Russia to Germany.

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