Saturday , October 16 2021
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Biden list of failures is endless: Rep. Issa

Foreign Affairs Committee member discusses fallout from the Afghan conflict on ‘Fox Business Tonight’ #FoxBusiness
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  1. Has joe been successful in anything? If so, I must have missed it! Needs others to speak for him not to answer questions! Very presidental!

  2. Allies see stupidity in this leadership.

  3. Biden does a better job then trump.

  4. The list is getting longer by the day, can't wait for the day he shits his depends on camera.

  5. 8 months of taking America down. That is all Joe Biden has done.

  6. Hairy Uncle Joe loves little children… OMG… Wake up people… God bless President Trump !!!

  7. They mite have billions of pound worth of equipment. But farmers haven't got a clue how to fly them 😂 😂 😂 😂

  8. This old paper goat will not talk because he cannot think for himself. Messes up everything he put his hands in and is too stubborn to admit it. We are in a large deth we cannot pay it off but still borrowing..

  9. Can I hear the word “Impeachment”?

  10. This idiot is not cut out to be a leader. His speech to the United Nations was another disaster. Are the lefties starting to wonder why they voted for this incompetent geriatric?

  11. He has mash potatoes for brains a total embarrassment to our country!!!

  12. He’s cruising at warp speed creating clusterfucks. How can anyone keep up with it?

  13. How they can expect him to give some reasonable answers, when all he is doing is already decided by those who lead him and he only fulfils what is written on his notes he carry in his pockets …at least trying, invisibly…haha

  14. They are bringing jihadist in nobody gets that

  15. Everything Biden has done is a can one person be so stupid all the time?

  16. I have asked dozens of liberals "what has bobo achieved in 40 years" …. standard response is "your'e racist"

  17. Biden's list of failures is endless and He's just getting started.

  18. At the U.N. Assemble… What a RIGHTEOUS LOAD of horse pucky from "His Excellency" Joe Biden. 🙄 My interpretation: the U.S. is THE BEST at everything,… including throwing billions of dollars it doesn't have to every needy crisis in the world, but ignores true problems in its own house.

  19. “Will meet any terror threat that rises”.
    Yeah by bombing innocent people already dealing with terrorists.

  20. Joe Biden's leadership should be arrested for corruption and fraud by the international courts

  21. Can't say anything about what Biden is doing when the government shuts down most social media that people use to talk to each other..😡😡😡😡😡.it's obvious that if the American people were allowed to gather and speak freely maybe we wouldn't be having this conversation of does the American people care or what is the American people saying?!?!? What they are saying is they are pissed off and the Biden administration needs to go to the old folks home and play crossword puzzles..I don't know how much longer people are going to stand by hoping the Democrats are going to admit there's a problem and that they the Democrats are the problem and racist bigots

  22. There are no flights in or out of Afghanistan per flightware 9/22/2021

  23. Greatest Deception in History Taking Place

  24. And now adding more injury to insult Biden decides to do a vaccine agreement with the EU leaving England out of the equation. Could you be more insulting to our ally across the pond

  25. He's got 3 more years to add to his list lol

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