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Biden looks at packing Supreme Court after pressure from the left

Former Supreme Court clerk John Yoo breaks down Biden’s prior court-packing position on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness #EveningEdit

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  2. Anyone notice that they are just repeating classic scares and social control strategies. Immigrants, Spanish flue , yellow journalism, cold war scare , mccarthyism, looming wars , social unrest , its all the classic destabilization tactics

  3. With the Democrats in power, there is a huge train wreck shortly ahead for America.

  4. If someone in authority doesn’t remove the illegitimate president & his Handlers soon…the people will be forced to in a 2nd American Revolution.

  5. It’s NOT illegitimate Alzheimer Joe. It’s his Handlers (in the shadows) controlling every EO & every word Joe reads from a script or teleprompter.

  6. We will just pack it again when gop get it.. lol then everyone can be supreme court justices

  7. If mr. Potato Head wants to pack something he should pack his bags and get out of our house!


  9. Power grab, if politicians can do this I should be able to own more than a machine gun.

  10. Biden can't stand up to the crazies on the left, because all the dirt they jave on him and his other family members.

  11. Biden and the democrats are disgusting in terms of policy. Its the modern equivalent of a 13th century king that is just plain stupid and takes his country to hell

  12. Too bad all of the republicans are dictators. I don't believe democrats even understand what a dictatorship is….. This is it

  13. Bathhouse Barry is pulling the strings.

  14. If they can't have it, they will lie cheat steal. Packing the courts would be horrible and shouldn't be allowed!!

  15. I guess he wants a civil war…..coz actual Americans aren’t going to keep taking all of his crap forever.

  16. Not pressure from the left. The left are just useful idiots thinking they will get power. Theyll just be set out on the curb with the rest of the trash.

  17. The Right are no saints but how people cannot see the Democrats and Left are a threat to freedom and Democracy baffles me.

  18. its up to the people of this country to take back our nation. It’s getting beyond obvious whats happening.

  19. All states should succeed. I can’t believe the majority of this country supports the bs they are selling.

  20. But Biden is not running our country, other countries are

  21. We demand that Biden get a complete medical check up..and while your at it do a DNA TEST..this guy is a imposter..

  22. are we headed towards.comunisum!

  23. Seems at one time Creepy Joe used to talk sense. Somewhere along the line, his elevator got stuck in the basement.

  24. Says a lot when coming from a UC Berkley Law Professor.

  25. If. This administration is allowed to remain in the White House full term there will be no America left as we know it it will be gone

  26. Biden is a criminal as well as his regime. Nancy, Scumer, Joe, Shirly Jackson Lee, Mrs Waters and all who threaten democracy be imprisoned for treason.

  27. If the world wants true democracy to survive, politicians must be legally obliged to fulfil campaign promises. If they implement policies that go against their campaign promises they must be removed from office

  28. This is terrifying to say the least

  29. Biden just a tool for the far left agenda.. pity him because those far left devouring him…he seem fragile

  30. Trump must have been a prophet because he said exactly what these American haters were going to do

  31. Rule #1: Never cave to the mob

  32. John Yoo he was place there by them not by as (the people)

  33. The only thing Joe is packing are his diapers

  34. Nuttier than a squirrel turd

  35. This country needs a divorce. The states that want to follow the constitution and the states that want to live in a “woke-topia”.

  36. Well imagine that I can't believe he lied about that running for office obiden obiden ohh Biden ohhhh biden

  37. They don't want a democracy,they are lying to we the people,they want to control our government which is dictatorship . Biden is a puppet and he has a reputation for being a politician that goes for whatever pays the best,what we called a do boy or sell out !I just saying can't you see that biden is not president material,So who is in charge! I reflect on Hillary Clinton ,unable to win against a green horn/obama then lost to a non politician/ Trump the woman taught she had won both times but America ,dis approve of her Character So her hurt was unbearable so plotted to steal the 2020 elections ! It was the beginning of racism becoming the greatest issues the best manupulation to divide the country and covid to lockdown and increase tensions,also russia,blm,antifia riots in democratic cities biden in the basement ! Hillary wants a cabinet position with the UN .A complete failure as secretary of state ! Just saying Bill and Hillary are billionaires because of China,1994 bill drop tariffs ,So now you pay attention to result,we paid for China to grow muscles and they came to Alaska to flex their muscles and to let biden know they own him and all his comrade that has been spending China Bank money ! Iam I the only one that can see that America is being sold out by these liars ! Enquiring minds want to know !

  38. Biden is being held to the expectations of his cabinet and if he does not follow there recommendations they will cease to support him. He cannot function without support and has never lead on his own.

  39. Our supreme justices should’ve stood up for Americans and took on the voter election fraud case. They are the responsible party for what is happening in our country and will still be the responsible party when we no longer have a country. It was up to them to put Trump in his duly elected seat. These are very smart people with the highest of education levels, you cannot tell me for one minute that these justices didn’t know that this election was totally stolen from the American citizens. What a crying shame!!!

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