Biden might decide to take a clue from this: Eugene Scalia

Former labor secretary Eugene Scalia gives his take on the Supreme Court’s recent EPA ruling and provides insight on regulations on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. Hey, let's hire Boris Johnson ; and 🔥 Biden ! ?

  2. When he wakes up ; and can talk !

  3. Bureau of land management? ATF? DOE? etc… should all be disempowered from lawmaking (i.e. rulemakeing) of any kind. Let those who can be held accountable create the rules or not but don't pass the buck to the unaccountable.

  4. I've been saying it for years, The EPA has overstepped it's authority by seizing control of a large segment of the economy.

  5. it was a bidding war between trump…and pelosi…..trump really pumped it up…….but….im.greatfull….
    cause….i was going down hard…
    so heartfully….i say to them….

  6. The outcry against this decision just further reveals how lawless and despicable the Democrat Party is. One of the funniest notions I have ever heard Joy Reid project was the claim that conservative justices don't care about the law and only rule based on ideology. It just shows the utter depravity that all leftists are fueled by. It's why they hate the word "truth."

  7. GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The four leading contenders in Michigan's GOP primary for governor professed loyalty to former President Donald Trump at a debate Wednesday night while promoting debunked conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

    "President Trump is still my president," chiropractor Garrett Soldano responded when candidates were asked if they supported Trump even after recent congressional hearings revealed more about his actions before the Jan. 6 insurrection…this is something fox news will not broadcast..shame on fox news!!

  8. Show me the word democracy in any of the federalist paper… Show me the word democracy in the Declaration of Independence…. Show me the word democracy in the Constitution…. And nope it's not there…. Why ?
    Because the United States is a constitutional Republic…

  9. Does the EPA ruling over turn the Chevron doctrine?

  10. The dems are selling america out!!!

  11. Unemployment checks are set upon your work earnings. There's absolutely nothing that the government should be doing to change that. Most employers WILL NOT HIRE a p person on unemployment if it's a lower paying job as they know that you will most likely be returning to your former job upon rehire.

  12. They did that in Australia and businesses could not get people to work as the stimulus payments were higher than the basic wage.

  13. Who ever is running the country is NOT interested in it surviving, that's the clue voters have to get and STOP supporting the madness of the left.

  14. SEC needs to stay in it's lane.

  15. Just my opinion: With all of the millions of dollars that the Biden crime family has made recieved from China I truly think Joe Biden and his administration is setting our country up to be taken over by China. I also believe this was his plan when he ran for president .

  16. He needs to be put down and out of the government for his self help with his life to be a better life than anything else that he will do.

  17. Joe Biden…YOU'RE FIRED!!!

  18. Why are you still referring to Biden? You know his handlers are doing the thinking. Expose them also.

  19. This is what we had the Trump team. This is why our Nation was on top 👍👍👍

  20. It has been positive since when I've been dealing with ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 this man is an honorable

  21. It has been positive since when I've been dealing with ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 this man is an honorable

  22. Hard working people lost jobs because of your darn administration,

  23. let me check… yup Kudlow sill rocks

  24. How is Biden suppose to take a clue when he is total clueless?

  25. Bidens has to go now or tomorrow is too late for Impeachment..

  26. Be brave to give up the festive tinsel and the sparkle of artificial lights. Come out into the open space of the universe! Discover distant worlds for yourself; conquer the dazzling snow-white summits of divine consciousness within yourself!


  28. the clown show chinese puppett master is clueless its the teleprompter that has the clues

  29. We spent 2 trillion dollars on the 2008-09 recession and now 10 trillion dollars on COVID relief?? This is madness.

  30. He cant take a clue. He is confused and lost.

  31. The Democrats have already said they hate the court and will ignore it.

  32. The only positive thing about this horrible presidency is that many independent voters will realize just how crazy the Democratic party is and stop voting for them!

  33. Arrest our country press meet tell all😂😁