Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Biden moves ahead with transition of power, Trump files legal action | WNT

President-elect Joe Biden said that he’s forging ahead with his transition to the presidency. Despite no evidence of voter fraud, some Senate Republicans backed President Trump’s claims.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. God bless President Donald Trump!!!
    God bless Vice President Mike Pence!!
    God bless the United States of America!

  3. There goes are country as we know it. I would never support a rigged election. Now his family can really sell us out. Not my President

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  6. This is more entertaining than jersey shore

  7. Biden should not move ahead if no official decision is made. Your media has no logic.

  8. Biden-Harris on People Magazine “Time to Unite”. Today Democrats calling me racist, when a year ago we were polite to each other?

  9. I’m so blown away about, how all these mega networks and big tech is censoring all of the Truth about what’s really going on and the truth about Trump. I have lost all faith about these mega networks with fake news. If you want to hear the real news 📰 go to NewsMax.

  10. Lying fools, your time is coming.

  11. He is literally just golfing and raging.

  12. "Let's vote for the guy that can't form a complex sentence and sniffs/grabs kids on camera." "Oh yeah he's a good candidate, he loves China more than his son loves crack." Whoever voted for this senile baby sniffer needs their head kicked in.

  13. Sleepy Joe and crackhead Hunter along with dominion made in China cheated the voters. Trump won by a landslide. The demoncrates have done everything they could to remove President Trump. Now they have cheated the voters of this election. George Saros with his Dominion rigged counting machines are set to cheat us all out of freedom. 🔥

  14. If things stand and they most likely will, it took a candidate like Joe Biden to take down Donald Trump. In all honesty, none of the other Democratic candidates of 2020 running for president would have stood a chance of running against Donald Trump in this election. I often wonder if President-Elect Joe Biden ran for president in 2016, would we be talking about his re-election? Who knows? Overall, things happened for many reasons. I believe Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 because the people wanted another change and were tired of the same status quo typical politicians. And no, President Barack Obama was not your typical politician either at the time back in 2008. He was also a fresh face. If the election still stands, I will believe that the people again have spoken from the last 2 or 3 plus terms. The latest election was a record turn out for both sides. Without any hate, vitriol or finger pointing or taking any sides, I want to give the people praise for voting in this election.

  15. fat trump lost skinny biden won wow noice

  16. Imagine a president whose son was thrown out of the military for drug use as an officer and has fathered illegitimate children. I give you Joe Biden.

  17. Not long ago Pelosi was talking about the 25th amendment. Their plan is to declare Biden mentally unfi, put Harris in, and push the progressive communist agenda on the US. They used the media, fb, and twitter to brainwash the people in the US, and antifa and BLM fear mongering to scare them into the cattle trough – ready for the slaughter of their freedom.

  18. 1:45 "Mr. Vice president isn't it time to concede!?" 😂😂

  19. I hate that people talk so much crap about Trump, does anybody really know if Biden will do any better if not worse? No they just hope that he wont be as bad as they think Trump was…

  20. Biden and The Mala lost the election on November 3rd when the polls closed on the deadline at the cut off time the election ended with the President Trump landslide win #Trump2020 #TrumpWon

  21. Biden is a fucking joke. I cannot believe this country had allowed this bullshit. Biden is literally a failed idiot for the last 47 fucking years. Biden is an embarrassment to this country!!!

  22. It looks like it’s open season on antifa and blm after their actions in dc yesterday

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  24. “Office of the President Elect” isn’t even a real thing.

  25. Why does Biden need a transition? They never left.

  26. Election stolen by left and social media!

  27. Does trump not realize how embarrassing this is? Not only is the first president in mondern history to lose re-election, he is the first president to publicly throw a fit over it. His legacy is somehow even worse than before

  28. So much crying by delusional trumpets, try realizing that the election is over we have a pandemic that going to kill over 200000 people by xmas and you same people can't wear a mask because it butt hurts your rights. What a bunch of seif centered idiots.

  29. "President Elect Joe Biden"…. uh huh. Except that he has been not been certified to have won a single state by any state authority nor federal. This joke of a story, and all like it, are nothing but part of an attempted coup, which the news networks are universally supporting, by refusing to report the fact that MASSIVE voter fraud has occurred and has in fact been utterly BUSTED, proven and exposed, the examples and extent of which is growing every day. You obscure it because you're part of it. Trey Tainor, Federal Elections Commission Chief, said that the fraud was so bad that it invalidated the entire election, and the causes for this are legion, multiplying, and undeniable. But you are so used to getting to ignore the facts, seeing yourself as the sole gateway for them to the American people, being accustomed that no accounting will come, that you just put on a straight face and LIE. But this time it WILL come out, and the SCOTUS is not part of your coup, and when Trump wins, you will say he stole the election, which is exactly what you are trying to do. As the Marxist Saul Alinsky said in his book "Rules for Radicals": "Always accuse your enemy of what you yourself are doing". You are pawns of hell and will soon sell the story that Trump has stolen the election, which is exactly what you are attempting to do. If the conflict you are fomenting is inevitable, I hope you are all sent to hell where you belong. You're a pack of lying scum of the earth commies, and deserve to die.

  30. 🙄…. What is annexation, Joe Biden?

  31. News: If trump doesn’t concede he will be physically removed from the White House.
    Me: I just sit back and observe 😌🍿

  32. Baby dump just won't accept the facts that there are more peoples HATE HIM THAN LIKE HIM PRESIDENT BIDEN NUMBER PROVE THAT. LOSER..

  33. This is funnier than most comedies. It's been a blast, legacy media. I'm going to miss you.

  34. We all are fucked if Biden becomes president. Probably going to shut down country, mandated mask all the time. The fake global warming, which is the new green deal. China will own us for sure. Countless other things he and Kamala will destroy this country. They will make it more divided then what it is now. Look now at all the fraud going on with the election. Times that by 100 if sleepy joe and kamala get in. Keep up the fight Trump. We know joe didn't really win. The media knows that. Fake news. Trump Train coming to all the states that tried to get him out of office. You should be scared. Storm is coming

  35. C'mon man tell the Demoncraps and the mèdia to stop crying already.

  36. This sock puppet biden is a f-cking joke. Day by day his instability will become more apparent. You democraps and the MSM own this POS. Enjoy your puppet show.

  37. Someone please put some sentences on pretend elect Joe's teleprompter. He looks lost. "Office of the president elect?" Who drew that on the wall? No such thing.

  38. Electoral College has not voted yet, no one has been elected.
    Constitution for USA, Article II, Section 1, Clause 2.

  39. Why should he? The fat lady didn't sing yet…Last I heard this is still America. Well at least till we have U.S. government officials that are not off shoots of another people, regime, or ideology other than that of ours. U. S. for at least 5 generations or more sounds good to me.

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