Biden needs to call the Senate if he wants to end this, GOP rep. warns

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., discusses ongoing debt talks, arguing the administration hasn’t been ‘transparent’ about the country’s economy.

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  1. So we cut The debt and raise The amount they can SPEND,DOES ANYONE BUT ME LISTEN,YA DONT SAVE IF YA INCREASE THE SPENDING,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,IT DONT HAPPEN😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Republicans are on social security and food stamps as well … this is gonna end badly if there’s no agreement he should invoke the 14th amendment

  3. Biden wants to cause as much damage and destruction as possible, just look at the past 2.5 years!

  4. What Is Wrong With Our Society Today?

    If we viewed human society a single live organism, then what would we see?

    We would see that, in its current state of development, its immune system is barely working, and its cells and organs, which should be sustaining the body’s health, are deteriorating.

    Personal, social, economic and ecological problems are all on the rise, including depression, stress, loneliness, emptiness, anxiety, xenophobia, drug abuse, suicide, income equality, poverty, climate change, and although many people are trying to patch and treat these problems, the efforts fail to solve the problem at its overarching cause.

    What is the cause of all problems in human society?

    It is the human ego, i.e., the innate calculative mechanism in human nature that prioritizes self-benefit over benefiting others, which makes society’s individual “cells” each pull to themselves more than giving to others, bringing on the downfall of the entire organism of human society.

    As cancer takes place when cells take more than they need at the expense of the body, so our society is currently made up of egoists each guided by an enveloping egoistic paradigm that supports the idea of success as becoming individually wealthy, famous and powerful.

    That we are egoists is a nature-given situation, but the social influence and public opinion that supports egoistic goals and values is what’s wrong with society.

    Nature functions oppositely to the human ego: altruistically and according to laws of interconnection and interdependence. It thus rejects our growing ego, and the more we develop today, the more we feel pressured between our growing ego that wants to detach from others, and nature’s tendency to connect us all into a single whole.

    Therefore, the more we develop today, the more we enter into an increasing entanglement of complications, and it is all in order to bring us to the realization that our egoistic nature stands behind all of our problems, that it is an inherently evil quality, that we helplessly follow its demands to try and fill it with self-aimed pleasure at the expense of others time and again, and that any move to improve society requires first diagnosing the ego as the cause of all our problems.

    Then, when we reach a widespread realization of this common cause to all our problems, we can start fixing it.

    When we reach such an awakening, we will realize that there is no person, group of people, or political or religious orientation to blame for our problems. There is only our very egoistic nature, dwelling in each and every one of us.

    How can we then correct human nature, if it is the cause of all our problems?

    It is possible if we create an environment that supports the ego’s correction, so that instead of receiving for self-benefit alone at the expense of others, we would want to positively contribute and connect to others in order to benefit them, without any “What will I get out of it?” intent.

    It is against human nature to give and contribute to others, but if we changed public opinion, our social and media influences, and also our education, in order that we learn the nature of humanity’s increasing interdependence today, how the human ego opposes our growing interdependence and also why this is the cause of all our problems, and that the way to resolve our myriad problems today is by correcting our connections to each other—creating an environment that supports giving and contributing to society, prioritizing values of mutual consideration and responsibility over competitive and individualistic ideas of success—then we would be on course to a monumental positive social transformation.

  5. With the attacks against Trump in the past decade we know at least one person committed treason. Erect the gallows in front of the capitol, EXACT RETRIBUTION, or our country will not stand.

  6. Neal is one of FOX's best "bootlickers" ………… just a pathetic "DS" POS.

  7. Notice Chicken joey never looked at McCarthy because lyin biden is a coward.

  8. Biden always does the opposite of what is right

  9. Biden will be blamed for defaulting.

  10. I thought i was watching CNN the way the Talkinghead kept interrupting the Congresswoman.

  11. I trust Speaker McCarthy and the GOP. Letsget Trump back in the White House so we can get America back on track.

  12. Biden Administration couldnt balance a checkbook to save there life.

  13. They want to default because they hate America

  14. If the country defaults (bankrupts) and the leader of the country allows their country to go bankrupt, it should be LAW that the leader is immediately removed. Either forcibly by the people or peacefully go on their own.

  15. The Collapse of these banks has torn into global markets, with investors ripping up their forecasts for further rises in interest rates and dumping bank stocks around the world. I'm at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my dipping $780k stock portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  16. President Brandon wants money from China

  17. Rep: Anna Paulina Luna 👌👍👏👏👏👊

  18. Trump is a fool . This budget should have been done in March. I want to get paid.

  19. mr surpreme leader the 1960 70 80 are done and gone.

  20. Hunter is the Fredo of the Biden Crime Family. Squeeze him!

  21. CAVUTO !! Your DEMOCRAT SMELL is coming through the internet very strongly.
    For once think of your country and STOP pushing the DEMOCRATS barrow.

  22. This congress woman just spoke the truth that the Brainwashed Biden followers don't want to hear. The truth hurts when you hear that your cult leader is so corrupt and plans to continue with the destruction our country. Looks like his Build Back Broke Plan worked just as he planned for it to. But rest assure losers, he will blame it on Trump, Putin and those little kids that he wishes would play with the hair on his legs. and you can continue to believe in the lies. FJB and all of his brainwashed followers.

  23. – Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla is right.

    – Why do Fox news questions smell CNN type!

    They want to make an internal fake conflict between Trump and Ron DeSantis and also they support Biden to increase the National debt ceiling to make China Communist more rich!

    – Paying $529 B interest of $32 T National debt per year to the lenders like China communist is tough and painful!

    – Biden wants to print money and spend it to stay in power!

    He opened the borders to have his election voters and not rely on the magic counter votes machines that skip signature confirmation!

    He believes in One country without any borders, One political party and One assigned president that controls all Fed agencies and DOJ like CCP!

    – Biden: MAGA republicans, represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic!!

    – Biden calls white supremacy ‘most dangerous terrorist threat’ in his speech at Howard!!

  24. China Joe and his friends and family need to go to jail

  25. Forget it.. Biden isn't calling anyone.. Keep fantasizing. If he was going to sign that bill it would have been done already. Biden ignoring McCarthy 97 days should wake you up to the truth. The delay allows them to gain more ideas and more power while McCarthy keeps trying. You can't take money from criminals who are already getting paid by them.. Ask Hunter LOL A multi millionaire by theft yet can't pay for his own child but can buy hookers and crack and people feeling sorry for him. Yupp people need to see what is REALLY going on not keep thinking you can fix something you allowed to happen in the first place.

  26. McCarthy didn't try his hardest. He's just as fault!

  27. Funny how people keep commenting on Joe Biden when they know he has only 17 or so months left in office. Like what's the point I think people just like complaining

  28. Rep Paulina is a tough cookie and Neal picked a fight with a winner.

  29. The President makes his own decision!…

  30. I would vote for that Congress lady

  31. Use the 14th Amendment and dare the Supreme Court to stop you …Harlan Crow didn't spend all that money to buy Clarence Thomas to lose his fortune in a default!

  32. She is right. Biden stinks snd if Biden won’t negotiate then yes. Default! it’s on the democrats