Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Biden no longer traveling to Milwaukee to accept Democratic nomination

Former Vice President Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to formally accept the Democratic nomination due to coronavirus concerns. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Medication could no longer sustain his mechanical functions!

  2. That’s because he now can’t find his way out of the basement. He forgot he was in one.

  3. We want schools back in we want to vote and this guy thinks it’s safer to hide in his home….it’s not right!

  4. "Vice president whoever-she-is"

    Whoever it is will be a woman and she will be a woman of color. Not because she would make a good vice president but only because she's a woman and she is a woman of color.

    They talked about Trump being a racist. He has done more for anybody in this country no matter if you're white black and anything else in between we're all the same Trump knows it. Most Americans know it.

    I can't wait until Trump gets re-elected. Once he starts his last term as president, the whole country will be amazed at what happens it will be a real eye-opener

  5. It's all b.s., dem governors will not certify Trumps votes! Food, water, ammo! It's gonna be a long winter!

  6. The cops refuse to provide security for them, I predict he would die if he would attend

  7. Let's face it plain and simple Biden is unfit mentally and physically to be president. Heck he has called African Americans everything but the N word and they still come up with excuses for him. No Biden for America

  8. Joe: When I’m in the Waffle House I’m going to…
    Jill Biden: White House honey, White House!

  9. I don’t think Biden will be nominated at the DNC or ,if he is,will not make it to the election-he is incapacitated and the Dems know it.
    The Dems will pull Michelle Obama as a “surprise” with some excuse re Biden becoming recently unwell or something.There might be a surprise VP nomination as well,a male.

  10. Biden is a moon pie, baked in the over too long.

  11. Joe just wanted to return back time befor trump fixed stuff. And make it worse

  12. Will he ever Take questions??
    Ole Nancy had a Hand twirling hissy fit when The Reporter ask her a Question she didn't like!!

  13. They are up to some real shenanigans he will be tossed aside as soon as he go public with his running mate which they will use to twist the black vote they all know he's incompetent

  14. if he cant speak or even have a vice president picked out…he cant be president… biden is dangerous for a house plant lol

  15. This Fool is NOT going to be Nominee

  16. Update: Biden wins election and refuses to go to Whitehouse admidst COVID-19 virus 😂😂😂

  17. After What he said About African Americans !!, He's staying in the basement 😄😄😄🙉. He doesn't want to Explain that ! .
    Another if you're Black moment .

  18. What an embarrassment, who in Gods name could seriously think that this man could run a country much less his life. He’s far too old or at least he looks really old.

  19. Cant get any police protection, Joe? Are you surprised? Maybe Antifa will provide security for you.

  20. Biden won't be the nominee lol, it has become so obvious at this point

  21. Biden: too weak, scared, fragile, and demented to accept in person! And… gotta keep the scam of COVID-19 up!!!!!!!

  22. Maybe the DNC will announce that Cuomo is the nominee, not Joe!
    You can't hide Joe's mental decline, this is their chance to choose someone with a working brain.

  23. He isn't strong enough to accept the Democratic nomination. How do people expect him to be strong enough to be president?

  24. Where's Milwaukee? Alzheimer Joe can't remember.

  25. The strategy is working. Keep him out of the public eye as much as possible.

  26. Why do we need a coward to run the us, Biden is a joke along with all his followers, the best chance y’all have is a dementia patient ?? Really !!!

  27. Are the people in this country so darn dumb they would vote for this senile old man as president ?
    Dont dems have enough common sense to be embarrassed ?
    Lunitics !

  28. If he won’t appear to accept this nomination he sure won’t show up to debate Trump.

  29. Bernie bros gonna be so pissed! Biden wandering around his basement with his slippers on the wrong hands.

  30. How can he? He is too feeble.

  31. Just like Hillary 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Two reasons;

    1) Himself. He has zero control over what comes out of his mouth, and is completely tone deaf to how his stupid remarks sound.
    0prah, it looks like we found your poster boy for unconscious bias.

    2) The cops aren't gonna provide protection and security for these sorry, democrat, "defund the cops' sonsofbitches! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Gotta keep that Covid fear mongering going. This man would be running the country from his basement if he wins.

  34. This is a sham I do not understand they should be fired immediately dropped out of the site if you cannot get out and see the public how can you become a president he's got no backbone his wife is a total idiot he's just a puppet on a string Democrats will do anything to try to beat my uncle Donald Trump I'm proud he's my president doesn't matter if you Republican or Democrat this man chairs that's why I'm voting for him

  35. So does this mean the election is postponed? 🤣

  36. He probably doesn’t know where it is or how to get there in his demented state.

  37. We know already Biden is going to pick a woman so when he loses the Democrats can call us all racist for another 4 years. Sick of Democrats Trump 2020 drain the swamp pull the plug

  38. He might get lost on the way to Wisconsin .

  39. He can’t go because he has a brain eating amoeba, or something?

  40. How the hell is he going to be president if he won't leave the basement.

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