Thursday , January 20 2022
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Biden nominee for top treasury post faces criticism on Capitol Hill

Florida Bankers Association CEO Alex Sanchez discusses Biden’s Comptroller of the Currency nominee Saule Omarova, the president’s economic policies and the relationship between U.S. companies and China.

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  1. Remember when Biden called Trump a Clown
    All Biden Administration folks are an entire Clown Show!!!

  2. Total Spy and Proof CCP is in control of the Whitehouse!!! Tell the Truth

  3. We have to stop letting people who come to thos country. But hate this country. Olhan Omar, this lady and others. They come her and suck up our liberties and benefits. Yet they have a disdain for this country and its people. Because they feel were born into this prosperity. Inside they hate this country.

  4. She looks like a North Korean agent posing as a CCP agent.

  5. Какой-то дурак ляпнул коммунист , а остальные как попугаи повторяют 😁😆😄🤣😂😀😅 Пищерные люди!

  6. What is the purpose of the communist educated comptroller. Possibly to move the China agenda forward?

  7. As each Democrat administration that ends up in The White House is noticeably more radical than the previous one they might have to look for people from Mars when the next Democrat is elected President.

  8. Communism for thee but not for me. She may state she’s a communist but she lives like a capitalist pig

  9. She’s evil look at her face so scary to watch

  10. Dems trying to use banks to police the economy into climate change is truly disgusting

  11. She’s a Chinese Russian communist. That’s not hyperbole, it’s literally who she is.
    The fact that she is Biden's nominee makes perfect sense.

  12. Once we have the Senate and House. Sanity will prevail. Well, this Democratic Party is not the Party it was. Hopefully. Americans Hopefully will can pulling together.

  13. She was arrested for theft. Three Hundred Million Citizens, and she is the best among us ?

  14. Get rid of this commie. Do not confirm.

  15. Another Marxist nominee from Lying Biden!

  16. She won't get confirmed but they do have a Comptroller postion open at the Kremlin.

  17. Sure Biden' Chinese buddy appreciates and Approved of her.

  18. How many clowns can keep coming out of the, the private jets they can fly around the world, instead of the slow sail boat, while we pay for it.

  19. Is she the one that was caught shoplifting? 😡 o yeah shes trustworthy 🤑

  20. they all face criticism but somehow get confirmed.


  22. Why don't the American companies in China pack their bags and come home where they belong so we can be independent

  23. she was only chosen because she is asian not for there skills.

  24. She looks like Chinese I just assume she stays away from our money she isn’t going to tell the truth for two reasons one she’s Chinese number two Biden want her I still can believe Americans are letting these socialist take our country apart sad ver sad !!

  25. EVERYONE of Biden's nominations are anti-Americans. They are trying to splinter this country from within

  26. Remember those people who booed when Trump stated this will never be a communist country.
    She was booing along with them at home!

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