Thursday , December 2 2021
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Biden official on supply chain crunch: ‘Bumps along the way’ to reopen economy

ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos speaks with Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo on the Biden administration’s response to the supply chain crunch and rising prices.

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  1. Don't do holiday shopping. It's time to cut off corporate America where it hurts. Buy local. Small businesses only.

  2. Nah. I’d rather risk being audited and keep my privacy.

  3. Meanwhile in NY:

    Illegal immigrants ‘to get one-time $15,600 stimulus payments if they lost their job during Covid pandemic.

  4. The alleged labor shortages are a manufactured crisis directly planned and caused by the scamdemic. Quit pushing illegal mandates for jabs filled with poisons (w/the exception of the scattered placebos).

  5. So why not look at people banks accounts that make 500,000 dollars

  6. All the issues happening right now, with the supply chain issues, are a direct result of Donald Trump's failed presidency and traitorous actions! On that note, this Deputy Sec is a dumb-ass broken record, who has zero clue as to real economics.

  7. 6:26 So there you go. THAT'S WHY THEY WON'T ALLOW THE SHIP TO DOCK FOLKS .. They are going to force supply shortages because we won't take their poisonous jab ..
    WOW!! These are some DEMONS ..

  8. Biden and his administration think we can vaccinate our way out of this. Never going to happen; a virus by it's very nature will mutate to survive. This virus will be with us for years to come. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said that every single person on earth needs to be vaccinated before inflation is under control. The world has yet to vaccinate every person on the face of the earth for Measles, Polio, Hepatitis, Typhus, etc. But sure, blame inflation on C-19 instead of blaming this administration.

  9. It's all our fault. It's not the fault of government or institutions who go along with the government. It's my fault and your fault because not all of us support big pharmaceutical companies. You have no choice in your life. Got it? Do as we say or we will ruin your life and you will starve to death. And this report asks no questions. Perfect example of Mockingbird media.

  10. What useless people we have in our system.

  11. Stephanie, "as you know" the president has a full house and will be able to win bigly restoring the country to an economic level that would make the Kardashians feel like mere mouth breathers. And also, Stephanie "as you know," you can totally trust us!

  12. Also, shove your vaccines where the sun don’t shine.

  13. This is 100% Biden’s fault. 100%.

  14. They're trying to destroy the country to enact their one world government dreams. America is being sodomized by corrupt politicians and their handlers.

  15. The only way to fix this is to have state legislators publicly audit the 2020 elections in each state and then prosecute the criminals.

  16. Biden and the liberal are going nut or they are a bunch of idiots.
    They close down America but open for foreigners.
    This is not a bump this is an incompetent and poor planning

  17. Buy Bitcoin. Exit this system while you still have a chance. Why Bitcoin? It's decentralized, meaning, the government cannot touch it or manipulate it and they cannot monitor your account (your money is actually your money). You will want to learn how to use something known as a hardware wallet/device and how to take custody (meaning transfering your Bitcoin from an exchange like Coinbase to a physical hardware device). Once you do this, the only way they can get your money is to show up to your door with a gun.

  18. The "supply chain issues" are simple. Stop f'ing around and get it done.

  19. So many bots here it's painfully obvious.

  20. We need to track everyone who has a $600 bank transaction, so we can track down these criminals that can't pay the government taxes on businesses that were forced into bankrunptcy because of GOVERNMENT MANDATES

    Once again CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who "saved lives" because you bought the corona propaganda. You have successfully helped the government and their corporate lobbyists destroy the working class

  21. Dementia Joe destroying the American economy one day at a time.

  22. good job Biden voters, vaccine/flu extremists, media propagandists.. you made the bed now you get to sleep in it, and congratulations your bugs are in my bed now

  23. hahahahahahahaha

    Hey Biden voters, this is on you hahahahahahahahahah i'm a minimalist, i don't really care but this is what happens when you freak out over the common cold and let the government shut the economy down

  24. How about Biden saying he would NOT mandate vaccines Dec 2020 on camera? Pelosi too.

  25. There is no "trucker shortage", trucks are literally waiting to be loaded! This is an engineered shortage!

  26. This is an artificial problem. This is classic racketeering and crimes against humanity. Enjoy the nuremberg trials 2.0 from the American people you scumbags. We know who you are. Time is running thin.

  27. What the hell does taking a bioweapon shot in the arm have to do with getting the economy moving… oh thats right… Once everyone gets the shot then they will be able to hide the deaths easier… got it…

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