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Biden pick for US trade representative is known critic of China

Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal discusses how the Biden administration will deal with Beijing. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Bidens handlers must be upset

  2. Biden loves China ! The Chinese communist pay him more than all the Democrap congress members salary’s combined!

  3. Sure. Not acceptable & she is lying.


  5. Listen to these Hawks. Disgusting.

  6. Nay, she would mostly be spying for the communist party.

  7. Whatever, this lady is a ccp operative in disguise

  8. So much for pro-china Biden…
    This is no different that Russian trump

  9. Seriously. This is a Joe Biden decision. Straight from the Big Guy. The
    man who single handedly took down Corn Pop. The man with the leg hair of
    the gods.

  10. The CCP has huge influence over the puppet Biden. This DICTATOR is doing executive orders that enables CCP and DS to continue their violating the constitition pushing socialusm agenda by trying to take the first amendment from AMERICA. And with no borders the Foreign Peaceful HOSTILE TAKEOVER of America has begun. America people are in great Danger

  11. And that is exactly what they tried to do here control the media and I think Joe is allowing it if you look into the people that own the media outlets at how much money is invested in Twitter and Amazon and Facebook from China they are trying to dictate what we Americans are allowed to know the same way they do it to their own people


  13. no no not her she going to do usa for sale soon.

  14. Shifty eyes 👀 is shifty eyes as far as I'm concerned.👀

  15. Boy if things got done bye talking are problems would be over bye now. So fu..king much talking. No wonder things never get done it's unbelievable. These people need human monitors to keep them focused on the jobs at hand that r important to the American people, and stay away from the Dam drama Nancy, don't make us play the parent roll and come up there to scold u people like a bunch of children that u poeple R acting like. They need a school sitting with bells and everything to tell them talking time is over it's time to shut up and get to work it's time to do what the poeple of America elected you'd to do. and when the bell rings then u can stop your work and go have your recess we the people no how find congress is of their play time. Here's congress's Ideal of working (well let's get together and talk about it.)😁

  16. It should be everyone. Not just this one nominee.

  17. China going to be laughing all the way to the bank with this nominee. A Taiwanese anti China representative.

  18. China is a long term existential threat to the world but the United States has the most to lose because we are at the top.

  19. She is a ccp plant…watch this hand while I steal your wallet with the other…Obiden's entire cabinet is a disaster fresh out of the District of Corruption swamp

  20. So, china Joe is taking some hints….from president Trump….ahahahaha.

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