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Biden Press Secretary Promises Return To Briefings With Health Officials | NBC News

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says the Biden administration will return to daily press briefings as well as briefings with health officials on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
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Biden Press Secretary Promises Return To Briefings With Health Officials | NBC News


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  1. Never wear d* mask in Federal premises.

  2. Can someone tell me.did Kayleigh mcenany go to either trump or bidens ceremonies

  3. Wow!!! Where is the media's aggressiveness and attitude at?

  4. I see the light! Thank GOD almighty!

  5. Woah 😳 she's actually answering questions feels so much more understanding now that Kayleigh mcenobody is no longer on that stand

  6. I appreciate the actual information or at least attempting to based on what I'm sure she has at this point. But she needs to get her nerves under control and reign in those "um"s.

  7. Biden is waiting for Trump to call him before he talks about the letter. Trump still has not called to congratulate Biden!

  8. Who else misses Kayleigh?🙋‍♀️💕

  9. Disgusting!! Worst administration in history!

  10. Raggedy Anne, is that you?

  11. New challenge let’s our voices be heard. 75 million thumbs down on all Biden USA will be heard. Spread the word and bring all to here

  12. Gosh she's so ugly…already miss Kayleigh McEnany she was so beautiful and sharp. This girl looks like a corrupt turd.

  13. not taking vax, not wearing mask, do not believe illegitimate fake president and his fake science

  14. Pathetic press conference

  15. So glad McEnany and her lying self is gone.

  16. The lying has already started.

  17. Is the Georgia pastor that got voted in going to ask her to apologize for being born white like on the video they showed of him? Will he ask Biden to apologize for being born white too??

  18. She looks like she smells and looks greasy

  19. Jen is so much more professional than Bimbo Barbi was.

  20. This one time at band camp……

  21. Kids gloves compared to what they put Trump through

  22. God i obsesss over red heads! Any on this thread? I love you😂

  23. Calm, transparency, honesty, precision, no guessing, and acknowledging when someone is not sure or doesn't know—no wild claims and wild misrepresentations

  24. Hey, don’t count me in views, I just came here to show 👎 👎 dislike. No interest to watch these thieves😤🤮🤢💩Joe Biden and K.H💩💩

  25. The stupid reporters treat her way differently! So unfair

  26. Trump saved millions of lifes

  27. I can see clearly now that trump has gone 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Yes call trump… he can help you…

  29. Why can’t the reporters ask questions like, how is it working for the corrupted elected president?

  30. Biden " I am trunalimunumaprzure of the United states of America" "oocommon man".

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