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Biden projected to win California, Oregon and Washington

Joe Biden is projected to win California’s 55, Oregon’s seven and Washington’s 12 electoral votes.

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  2. California is the most beautiful state in the mainland…but sadly its corrupt run by all democrats.smh When is California going to change! Sigh

  3. You Will regret it! Voting for biden!

  4. He Wish the Truth will be known shortly on who Wins overall not over

  5. What can you say the world's full of f**** idiots


  7. This state will never change. My Latino vote went for trump.

  8. California would rather vote for hitler over Donald trump

  9. Californians talk about how much the state sucks and we all know California sucks. Yet they keep voting blue… stubborn af

  10. KJV Joel 2:31 "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come."✝️……..continued.

  11. Im just here for the comments 👀

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  13. they gave..them to him before they even counted the ballots

  14. I voted In-Person in CA. 11/4,I tracked my ballot; IT WAS NOT COUNTED
    I spoke to Election Official; 30% of CA still NOT Counted Yet. Even In-Person voting was turned into 100% "Mail-In" by Gavin Newsom Executive Order

  15. He won california because trump's comments on wildfires .

  16. Apparently Cali loves living in a s h I t hole

  17. The Abuelo Biden! Coming in clutch across the pacific!
    Hey sorry trumpsters IT IS WHAT IT IS! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so much for hanging around under the freeway passes with your flags for about 4 years !

  18. Northeast and West Coast states (not to mention the mid-Atlantic region) will always save themselves.

  19. trump suck Joe Biden needs to win we need a new president

  20. Joe Biden win California, Oregon and Washington that's where all the homelessness and Antifa live.

  21. Demon craps. Will only win by theivery.

  22. I seen on the news Biden won California Oregon Washington he was already declared the winner of those states when they showed there was only 1 percent of the votes counted that’s bull crap voter fraud to the max no wonder newsome thinks he can do whatever he wants

  23. At this point its anyone's game

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  25. Biden for abortion could turn out to be biggest mistake /*;,.

  26. idont give up, a lier
    fight will finish yourfight, use your horn!

  27. Support Crooked Racist =Vote Biden

  28. Trump will hurt this country, Biden will help this country out so much!!!! Biden Harris 2020!!!!!

  29. Doesn’t mater Trump is going to take Wisconsin and Michigan so he will win it all.

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