Thursday , January 28 2021
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Biden Receives Coronavirus Vaccine | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President-elect Joe Biden is administered the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

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Live: Biden Receives Coronavirus Vaccine | NBC News


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  1. Palosy s stemulus bill sends money to packestan.and also money for statue gender reform.thats a cover up to pocket money for them selves .wake up america enuff is enuff

  2. I'm no conspiracy theorist and I think I will get the vaccine, but how do we know what Biden got was the vaccine and not saline solution?

  3. How do we know if it is right vaccine

  4. Why doesn’t Dr. Jill Biden administer his vaccine? She’s the best doctor. Such a great doctor. Come on, man!

  5. Grateful that he gave the Trump Admin. credit with Operation Warp Speed! We need UNITY! Go President Biden!

  6. LOVED the question about teachers! We need teachers to get it next to health care workers!

  7. Biden takes the Trump vaccine.
    The Trump vaccine he so much criticized and not willing to give a credit for it to Tramp. LOL

  8. You F fake.. biggest of Them all

  9. I would never care who got this vaccine, because I'll never get it. I think people who are convinced by this kind of show are easily manipulated.

  10. It's kind of werid how the shot was so little….. Thus the cameras rushed out of the room very quick ….

  11. He stands behind it and that is respectable in my book ✊

  12. Wow they sure had alot of questions ?? What happened ,why ya running off so fast!???!

  13. Trump … For Making it Reality!!!!

  14. I wonder if Trump had the shot yet? Or would he even need it, since he already had covid?

  15. I thought Biden never die. He is against vaccines from President Trump. So he is not deserved any vaccines. WTF

  16. I pray joe Biden doesn't turn ;extreme;' left because if he does we are all fu***d,,,, So I will cross my fingers and toe's. And I am a Canadian but the US is the leader of the FREE WORLD and it directly effects Canada.

  17. CBR Newslink was reporting today that, instead of the new vaccine, they accidentally gave Biden a shot of truth serum. Afterwards, Biden kept talking:
    I don't need you to get me elected. I need you once I'm elected.
    We've put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization
    I don't need you to get me elected. I need you once I'm elected.
    We've put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization
    We cannot win this election. We can only re-elect Donald Trump
    We believe truth over facts.
    Poor kids are just as bright as white kids
    The reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.
    I don't need you to get me elected. I need you once I'm elected…

  18. What a crock..first he said he wouldn't take the shot now he takes it. This scharade/scandal is not acceptable from the people.

  19. So great, keeps all the good work, am on hangout of interest people contact at

  20. Why are his arms so much darker than his face? 😂

  21. Y'all better stop acting so crazy and take that vaccine so we can get over this pandemic and go back to some parts of normal life sciences good stop living in the past this is 2020

  22. Of course there's nothing to worry about with the vaccine if you're rich… what about the other vaccine planned for the lower class population?

  23. You know what really hurts – me and thousands of other volunteers roll up our sleeves and run toward the pandemic – not away from it. Now the politicians put on their super-hero shirts and flex their flab for photo ops after the lab-rats prove the vaccines are safe and effective. I am a volunteer in the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine trials and I did get the vaccine, not the placebo. None of us rats volunteer to get publicity; but is it too much to maybe get a simple thank-you from somebody – anybody?

  24. This is the sound of 100 million Americans praying he has a side effect

  25. Fake!!! Behind him is black man with 1 eye !!! Illuminati warning!!!

  26. Behind him is poster of illuminati 1 eye black man this is fake movie eye of illuminati

  27. Joe: I already had my polio vaccine

  28. I love the facts he said the administration deserve some credit but Trump can’t say say the same for him he deserve the credit for won the race he lost

  29. They didn’t even show the Vaccine! Probably he toke some vitamins !

  30. To develop a vaccine it takes 2 – 5 years, sometimes even 10.
    This "vaccine" has been developed in less than a year.
    Do you think Biden would let himself become a guinea pig to get injected with live, basically unknown virus?
    I do not like this man at all but he definitely – even though he's a lawyer and most probably scientifically illiterate – is not a fool to do that.
    I think he's getting a regular 0.9% saline solution.
    That's all.
    On the other hand… the masktards will believe everything what is not sound science.
    As long as they see it on the evening news…

  31. Great to see this…as an essential worker with an underlying medical condition, the vaccine(s) can't get to my health provider fast enough!…

  32. What a brave man, why did not he get a lollipop!!


  34. This is how a president acts.Lead by example,not by going to the golf course.

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