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Biden 'rewarded' Putin with a solo press conference to spread propaganda: Waltz

Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., explained why Putin should not have been given the first press conference after meeting with Biden.

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  1. just because america is not as good as china and russia in tect, 5G, and other thing, so they try to fame russia and china of spying, hacking and etc😂😅😂😅😂😅 just man up america and say you are not the world super power anymore, we the rest of the world knows

  2. The idiotic lists…how about he just ends problems with theives by telling the burglers which sacks of cash to leave alone cause of our liking for those full sacks (?)

  3. Fasten your seatbelts were in for a bumpy ride ladies and gentlemen.

  4. Putin and Americans do not like Biden. He stole the election and we all know who's pulling Bidens strings. He can't even speak right, so what makes us think he can have an intelligent conversation with Putin. We don't want Biden or his circle running our country so get out and give us someone we want.

  5. The way I see it we better learn Russian and Mandarin.

  6. You have no proof these attacks came from Russia. Where's your proof ? MSM wants to push war with Russia .

  7. Human right? How about the 400 revolutionary who fight to save America at the Capitol as elected people flew like rat?

  8. Putin went solo because Biden is mentally incompetent and incapable of staying on message. His handlers are keeping him close. As I've said before Biden is are first zombie President.

  9. Thats Biden not really Putins Jesus says .Putin repented

  10. Success is measured by result not opinions.

  11. Tell me one single reason that CornPutin would NOT take Puppetman out behind the gym again? It works every time.

  12. Big shams to Americans choice for their leadership control tactics to lost their county to crimes criminals gangsters thieves…….

  13. Biden can't even put a full sentence together . See what voting fraud get you a weak president.

  14. Knowing Joe, #17 on the list is the children's nursery — human trafficking is right up Joe's alley.

  15. We didnt demand Trump to deal with Putin in this manor

  16. No one can be that stupid, everything is done on purpose to take our country down.

  17. Puten more honest than Bidumb!!!

  18. putin said they have proof the the cyber attacks were done here by our own country, an names them. so he has exposed what many have though

  19. Don’t forget 10% for the big guy.

  20. I feel like I'm watching a movie and I can't change the channel, people are talking and nobody's listening, Many are going to have a rude awakening, by then it'll be too late for them 🌿🌹

  21. I'd rather have Putin president of United states than Biden 😉🇱🇷🐸

  22. Biden: I showed Putin whose boss
    Kamala: Joe you need to return my Kneepads and mouthwash that you borrowed for your car date with Putin.

  23. Doses the American people need to put Russian and Chinese language in school 🎒
    In 10 years they'll take over at the speed rate thing are Going lol 🤣

  24. Will the American people ever get to see this list' of no hacks…

  25. Hold on didn’t Trump have Putin’s spy chief alone in the oval office and say that no American reporters were allowed but Russian ones were and now this is our criticism of a new president?

    And we found that out because it was broadcast on the Russian news but the American news has zero information on it

  26. He looks and mumbles like a total goof ball! What a piece of 💩

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