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Biden, Sanders and Warren lead 2020 candidates in poll | ABC News

The top 2020 Democratic candidates are preparing to debate on one stage for the first time as a new Washington Post poll shows support for Elizabeth Warren rising.

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  1. Who tf is voting for joe fucking biden

  2. The corrupt democratic criminal failed policy party is dead. 😂 lmao 🎺 TRump 2020 By A Massive Majority Landslide. 💘 Biden bribed many people to get his unbelievably unqualified son the job and then again bribed and paid off people to not investigate and chARge his inept criminal corrupt son.pedo Joe committed an act of obstruction of justice and abuse of power and position as well as breach of oath.slow Joe has always been known as the not so sharpe guy. He was the worst vice president in American history and pedo Joe don't stand a shit chance in hell of ever becoming America's president. Neverrrrrrr you are a complete classless corrupt criminal democratic do nothing accomplish less failed policy pos lowlife crooked politician. If you ever had any honor and integrity you wouldn't have never accepted the lame lackey liberal lowrent loser position of vice president to a Trojan horse traitor scumbag terrorist trashcan lowlife like barry soratoro/ Obama bin lying. You bum's both will go down in American history as the most worthless corrupt traitors to ever been in office. Mr president Donald J.Trump has accomplished more in 2 yrs of office while fighting a constant corrupt criminal conspiracy every single second than any lowlife liberal loser leftist lame liar and scandalous scumbag democratic pos president has ever done their whole 8 years. 🎺 TRump 2020 By A Massive Majority Landslide. 💘

  3. Joe biden really???? How?? He has half the followers on IG than bernie!! BERNIE IS CLEARLY winning!!! 3.5 million followers bro!

  4. If these three were the only ones left, I would probably have my mind made up by now….

    I think I already do 😷

  5. If it ain't broke don't fix it. TRUMP 2020

  6. Joe has early signs of Alzheimer's.

  7. Biden should drop out honestly who tf needs him

  8. Warren said she will take the dirty money if nominated> and endorsed Hillary over Bernie in 2016>>what else do you need to know????

  9. And Hillary is leading Trump by 70%.

  10. I support Bernie because of his progressive, ‘socialist’ policies regarding health care, workers rights and issues of social justice. I hope he gets the nomination but, unfortunately, my faith is limited. I wish that, even he doesn’t win the nomination, he will change the party and, as time comes, will find a prodigy who will continue on his message and legacy. I believe in a Democratic Party which is truly bold, which doesn’t pander to Republicans, and who will stand for the working man. I believe this can happen in my lifetime.

    Sanders 2020!

  11. Just say NO to Status Quo Joe!

  12. I'm curious to know, what does the general support for Biden look like around you guys? I literally dont know a single person who supports him, and I talk politics with a lot of people.

  13. Warren is a proven liar and a fraud. Say no to Pocahontas!

  14. If Biden wins, Trump will win the election. You guys have been warned.

  15. The Super Joe says clear the tracks 🚇 you buffoons. I’m taking this campaign trail by storm. And your dark horse 🐴 dreams are just a foot note 📝 in his express trip to the White Household. The only question is who’s second banana 🍌.

  16. All politician's should be like Pinocchio 🤥🤥🤥

  17. Buying guns in the street is as easy as buying candy from the store, try all you want to stop the travesties they will just find another way to get the guns and cause harm, we need to actually figure out the root causes of what is causing these travesties…

  18. Those 3 will not win, ANDREW YANG WILL WIN! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸. These polls are bullshit

  19. The Democratic 2019 Debates starts tomorrow. I’ve been watching the news about how Biden is leading and he is most likely to beat Trump. I like Biden; however, I have more support for Elizabeth Warren. She has a vision for President that are much closer to my values. Sanders would be my 2nd choice, then Biden. I like Biden, but too me, he is a little too moderate for this Trump climate. He wants to try and work with Republicans, when they have no room for compromise. Another reason, Biden is my 3rd choice, is because I’m very concerned about his health, after serving 8 tough years as Vice President. At the beginning of the 8 years President Obama had Black hair; however, by the end of his 1st term as president, Obama’s hair turned solid gray. Being President & Vice President can be very stressful and lots of hard work & Responsibility. That can take a major toll on anyone, especially someone of Biden’s age. Trump will never turn gray because he doesn’t do any hard work as president. Anyway, when I look at Biden, I see the results of the 8 years as VP. 4 more years of that type of stress can be dangerous & deadly to his health. I think we are seeing some signs of Biden’s results of the stress over the last 8 years as VP. I think Elizabeth Warren would be more highly suited to serve 2 terms as president for 2020 – 2028, compared to Biden.

  20. Biden ain't gonna win.Bernie 2020

  21. Yang only candidate with substance. He will blow them out. Yang beats Trump in polls

  22. Background checks will make zero difference in gun violent deaths. The bad guys will get their guns regardless of laws.

  23. Egh where all fucked, they all want “gun laws.” Fucking idiots ( Edit) take my guns I’ll 3D print one 😉

  24. I see ABC has managed to find more flattering photos of Bernie. In your promos for the debate, ABC was showing very flattering photos of Biden and Warren. The photo of Bernie was not. So glad I do not have to send you my binder of Bernie photos. Here are some questions for your debate. How did the main stream media help to elect Trump and What should the role of media be in elections?

  25. Everyone..for once lets stop loosing sight of the biggest picture…free education, free healthcare, more money for Social Security recipients, Bernie wants to help lift up his fellow American..and path a way for the younger generations and get rid of all the debt that the college loan receivers have…and thats not all…Veterans receiving you served your country..house guaranteed no matter your credit..as long as you can have the mortgage come out ( be deducted) from the disability or retirement that the Veteran or active duty is receiving..you will be ganranteed for what you can afford allotted for a mortgage that fits your income….Bernie for President 2020 thru 2028

  26. Andrew Yang rising 3% wow great jump in the polls you deserve a platform 😄😄😄🍔

  27. And looks here you have 67 likes and 117 dislikes. Report the truth please…

  28. BS Bernie is winning… who are you polling?

  29. Good old creepy joe 😂

  30. Why is Tulsi being ostracized ?
    She is not an ostrich ?
    Right ?

  31. Where is Tulsi Gabbard ? !!!!

  32. Warren would lose to Trump. No question about it. Upper class white women are supporting her the way they supported Hillary but the way our electoral process works he would destroy her. Yang and Sanders would beat Trump, Republican defections to those two candidates esp. in the swing states is in the double digits.

  33. I always notice how corporate media likes to use unflattering photos of Bernie. They think we don't know what they're up to🙄

  34. these are the same polls that said Hillary won!

  35. Bernie is number 1! Most well known politician from all the candidates. Most volunteers. Most donations without corporate funding. Most unique donations! Most policies who are stolen by opponents. Most policies spoken about. Most well known in foreign countries. Bernie 🔥💥🌶💥🔥

    My opinion about UBI. UBI is just a candy to keep Americans silent. Yang is not going to change the system and fight the corruption. He is not going to fight against the corporations who are not paying taxes and sucking you empty.

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