Biden says a lot of things that are ‘inconsistent’ amid China threat: GOP rep.

Rep. Dave Joyce, R-Ohio, discusses debt negotiations, the growing border crisis and China’s new national security laws.

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  1. The coward of the county always does what he does best, nothing. Fjb

  2. He cannot default!!! Why is he being stubborn!? Ladys and gentlmen This is what the democrats liketo do. .. why is he against everything thats civil?!He wants to raise taxes to themiddleclass! We are thetaxpayers to all his spending and your democrats politicians DONT CARE IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER TAX INCREASE… DESPICABLE!!! THAT PARTY AND ADMINISTRATION IS PRETTY MESSED UP TO HAVE NO REMORSE ON OUR TAX INCREASE.

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  4. Dear platchin I like to tell you all China who spend the virus to the whole world China will haft to pay for vius

  5. If we let 7 million in it’s time to shut the border down for a while an send majority of them BACK

  6. Bought and paid for by China

  7. Poor kid😢 bidens a disaster!

  8. Biden wants to defudft and bring down are country Biden sold out are country it’s as plane as the noise o n your face some people are so dumb they will still vote for Biden after all Biden has done to are country And to us all and Biden has let in millions and millions of people come in a cross are border and we can’t take care of the people we have in are country now and Biden let’s migrate come in by the millions and millions more Biden is destroying are country and Biden is so corrupt Biden is with out a doupt the worst president we have ever had



  11. Not sure this is where to mention it, but your bubble on the screen showing bidens timeline for his great achievements you show put in invades 2/2023

  12. The government is bad for the America people. End of story.

  13. Nobody can become financially successful overnight. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals. you have to contend with inflation, recession, decisions from the Feds and all. I was able to increase my portfolio by $280k in months. You have to seek for help in the right places.

  14. Joe Biden is gonna do what His Partner days do Chinas President is Joe Bidens Boss Man who pays him money

  15. Chinese Communist Party holds 70% of our US Treasury debt … more than Americans do. They have us by the balls so to speak .. it's worth mentioning at least.

  16. Rep Joyce, bringing in Foxconn to "replace" Chinese manufacturing isn't really a step in the right direction. While they're technically a Taiwanese company, the majority of their operations are based in China. If you're worried about IP theft or close ties to the CCP, you have to be very skeptical of Foxconn.

  17. It was productive… for them , they both got paid big bucks by the taxpayer for doing nothing. Let that sink in.

  18. Biden says a lot of things that are 'inconsistent' amid China threat, and THAT is because he is so damm COMPROMISED and in china's back pocket. Got paid all that money he and his corrupt LLC family. Puppet. Tool. FJB FJB

  19. I am willing to suck it up to stop Biden from forcing his will on America. He needs to be impeached. We need to get politicians elected who actually do something. The border situation has been open for years. We have to find whoever will accomplish the sealing of the border so that there is a reversal of the direction of the flow of migrants. They need to be stopped totally from coming into America, and there needs to be a flow of those in America leaving. They are here illegally. The law must be enforced!

  20. OK, so the Durham report was a bigly nothing-burger. No surprise there. But wait, just you wait, until the Hunter Biden laptop report comes out. Sometime, somewhere, somehow someone is going to charge Hunter with something, and, hold your horses boys, it's gonna blow the doors off everything!

  21. President looks like he’s 150 /200 years old