Monday , April 19 2021
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Biden Says He Will Focus On Needs Of Black Community Amid Covid | NBC News NOW

President Joe Biden met with a group of Black essential workers to discuss how he plans to help African American communities struggling economically and boost vaccinations.
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Biden Says He Will Focus On Needs Of Black Community Amid Covid | NBC News NOW


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  1. The LEAST popular "most" popular "president" ever.
    The MOST racist "least" racist "president" ever.
    He bettah help black people….they can't even get on the interwebs according to Joe Beijden.

  2. This is biden pandering to blacks in between calling them the "N" word.

  3. Hey Biden, just tell them you always carry hot sauce with you

  4. Biden will probably be a one term president because of his age.
    What he will achieve in one term will be what most presidents would in two terms.
    Go Joe!!!

  5. All the Russian bots in the comments lol

  6. He sounds divisive and racist.

  7. so basically he just told you that if you were any other economically challenged minority he would ignore you while you die ..

  8. I see Fox sent over their bots to make rude racial comments

  9. I wonder if biden will "accidentally" say the "N" word to these people?

  10. Do you know that they throw out each day the doses of COVID-19 vaccines they don't use?

  11. “We’re gonna put y’all back in chains!” “If you gotta problem figuring out if your for me or trump, then you ain’t black!” “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids!” “Unlike the black community, the Hispanic community is incredibly diverse in thinking!”-Joe Biden, aka Mr potato head 🥔

  12. Focusing on the needs of the Black community? Uh oh… Trump and his cuIt of Karen's aren't going to like this lol. 😅

  13. joe "you ain't black" biden !

  14. If you STUPID POLITICIANS want to do something immediately to help, start treating this like the mass casualty situation it is. Around 20,000 Americans are dying of Covid-19 related causes every week, and most of those deaths are at home and in homes where the families can't afford to have anybody even come and pick up the body. Funeral homes around epicenters are overwhelmed. The Federal Government needs to step in to handle corpse retrieval and mass burials. STOP POSTURING, AND DO SOMETHING!

  15. Why concentrate on a group just because of their skin color? Isn't that being racist? I mean Just think if Trump said he was going to focus on getting White people something important first. People would go bezerk.This is how you create divides. Making it OK for one side but not the other.

  16. There goes Biden pandering black people AGAIN

  17. Most left behind community? You mean the community holding themselves back due to laziness,ignorance and a crap sorrow no pity..stay in your place

  18. I thought he said was going to be different than most Democrats, and unify the country? But no, he has to go the Obama route. Couldn't he say "American communities struggling economically and boost vaccinations".

  19. Biden and Obama had 8 years to help in Chicago. They did nothing to stop the murders. The Democrats are too worried about what bathroom to use.

  20. Thanks God!! Finally a president that takes steps to show people he is trying to acknowledge them and help. More then our past presidents have done. Biden President of the Common Man. You know the real Americans. Lol.

  21. Imagine the leader of the free world takes orders from China

  22. Why not focus on every body instead.

  23. How about Biden just focus on GETTING ANYTHING DONE . He's been focusing for 47 years on the taxpayer dollar….

  24. #1 Are the kids ever going back to school. So we will have a GAP in our children's education and we will never catch up . Don't believe for one second the CCP didn't know .

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