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Biden snaps back at reporter after being asked about confidence in Putin

President Biden fires back at a reporter after being asked if he’s confident Putin will change his behavior.

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  1. This is SO funny! He’s SO dumb. “I’m not confident in anything”

  2. Truer words have never been said!🤣

  3. Huh what did you say speak into my good ear. Oh why are you asking questions of me I don't answer non pre-approved questions sorry. 120 days give me a break

  4. Biden gets grouchy without his choco choco chip ice cream!

  5. Looking a lot like trump here 👀

  6. Fox News is fake news. Totally worthless!

  7. Biden is such a loser God bless the confederate States of America

  8. Funny how this video is shadow banned. What a jerk off

  9. He’s ripping his own hand picked reporters 😂

  10. “I uh I love those barrettes in your hair, man.
    I tell you what, look at her she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there with her like a little lady with her legs crossed..”
    Joe Biden

  11. Joe Biden you're a disgrace to America you and the rest of the Democrat party

  12. Biden just committed TREASON by giving Putin a list of Americas most vulnerable assets!!! Treason = giving aid or comfort to the enemy… why is no one talking about this?

  13. Now you went and did it, you pissed off PeePaw.

  14. Biden: you never ask positive questions

    Well Biden if you want a place where you get positive questions don’t be the president of a country on fire

  15. Don't ask a question to someone who know very little except I cheated.

  16. I don't care for Biden for a lot of reasons, but for people on the right to get upset about the president being rude to the press… A bit hypocritical, don't you think?

  17. Try to leave a comment about Joe Biden's troubled son and watch it disappear into the trash bin. The protection this guy is getting is seriously alarming. I'm sure this comment will get terminated too.

  18. Let's get Traitor Trump where he belongs…………..Behind bars of course

  19. At least he didn't call her a dog faced pony soldier! Progress with every step.

  20. Just like Kamala, incompetent.

  21. He’s rude and senile. Disgusting moron!

  22. America this is your fault. Half of you would have voted for Charles Manson, Osama bin laden, Ted Bundy, Eric swalwell, satan before you would that mean man Trump. He skates through a media that swoons at him.. when the economy, military, cost of living goes to hell, the crime rate , lack of police for protection. Just remember you asked for this. Luckily you will still have your pronouns..

  23. Grumpy old man.. quess he didnt get to sniff a child's hair

  24. He’s losing his mind more and more. If you’ve ever been around an older person slipping away. They snap like this at random times. He was unfit from the start.

  25. Biden is absolutely pathetic

  26. She refused to let him sniff her hair so hes upset.

  27. Someone needs his sippy cup and a nap.

  28. 0:43 Translation: YOU KIDS GET OFF MY FRONT LAWN!!!

  29. The world is becoming more digital and crypto is the future of the world that's why it good to invest in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise in the market value of some coins

  30. Biden now knows news is corrupt

  31. Its obvious that Grandpa needed his diaper changed and a NAP. Apparently getting grilled by Putin for a few hours is more than his Dementia Patient mind could handle.

  32. DeSantis Please run 4 PRESIDENT PLEASE

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