Thursday , September 16 2021
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Biden stumps for California's governor in the face of recall election l GMA

The president closed out the campaign for Gov. Gavin Newsom as he fights to keep his job and Democrats in control of the Golden State.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. O'Biden doesn't even know who Gavin Nuisance is! 👎😑🔥🔥🔥

  3. "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." – Mark Twain

  4. I am so confused. How did they survive this encounter with each other? They did not have their masks on and they shook hands. (DURING THE ILLNESS) 🤪 They must be Supermen!!! Wow! 🤩 Did anybody notice that the President had a little cough?

  5. Stolen Election once again 😵‍💫

  6. What would Ronald Reagan do ?

  7. Disgusting when a president who won by mass voter fraud endorses another person using the same tactics

  8. WOW , Just Pathetic ! Incompetent, So-Called Sham President ! Biden , Doesn't Have A Clue ! Biden , Puppet , Senile , Fumbling , Bumbling , Lying Biden Is A Complete American Embarrassment ! Biden , Is Totally Corrupt, Delusional , Puppet For The Liberal/Socialist , Yes Biden Is SENILE ! Pathetically Sad ! Biden Is A Joke ! Liberal Hypocrites , Dividing Americans And Destroying Our America !

  9. Don't worry Biden you're next

  10. Hey look no masks and No social distancing just like at the French laundry.

  11. The pres.and vp couldn't seem to make it to the border to see their handiwork, I guess they can fly in that direction.

  12. elder got his ass kicked tonite

  13. Thank you left wing lunatics in Cali who are sending more of your job creators to Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. We profit off your stupidity!! LMAO

  14. California has always been a progressive state and it will stay that way.

  15. What kind of biased hack job news is this

  16. Newsom's desperate Aunt Pelosi isn't about to see Larry Elder get to pick a DiFi RNC replacement and make the state go Red! Hate Dominion. Vote Elder.

  17. A POS supporting a POS, whoever called Larry Elder a clone of Trump, I'm sure Larry appreciates the high compliment.

  18. Everytime Biden coughs he's lying and he's coughing all the time.

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