Wednesday , May 12 2021
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Biden to meet with GOP over competing infrastructure plans

Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., says he’s ‘optimistic’ Democrats and Republicans can get a bipartisan deal on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Mitt Romney will vote with the Dems.

  2. How many Trillion did Obama spend over his 8 years?

  3. Another lie brought to you by FOX ! Biden will meet with never trumpers that is not the GOP they are the rats!

  4. Yeah, throwing out Democrats infrastructure plan would be a good start. And forget Biden’s Family Plan all together.

  5. So Trump finally came up with an infrastructure plan? LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. These guys are wrong.
    The GOP ideology didn't work the last 4 years just look at the rest of the world and realize The United States is rapidly becoming a 3rd world country.
    Biden has a plan to pay for it while the GOP tax cut for the 0.1% didn't.

  7. Biden will demand a fresh diaper, and a butterscotch pudding cup.

  8. BIDEN 2024!!!!

    2022 BLUE WAVE COMING!!!

  9. They shouldn't bother naming these plans because no matter who writes it there is more other in them than what they are supposedly about.


  11. Great Infrastructure IS FINISHING THE WALL

  12. To “ SLUSH or NOT TO SLUSH” is the question ? The Democrat Party Patronage Machine System of payoffs and bribes NEEDS huge amounts of cash to continue functioning ( Its expensive to Buy Votes) ! 🤡

  13. Despite the economic crisis, this is still a good time to invest in Gold and crypto

  14. Sorry! Tell Super Joe, forget it!

  15. Puppet Man Bad. Very Very Bad. CCP CCP CCP.

  16. Will never trust a career crook politician like Joe Biden never.

  17. Waste of time. He’ll simply tell them “my way or the highway” and then say that they blocked him.

  18. It doesn't matter with whom Biden meets. He's got Alzheimer's. Quit wasting our time and demand the usual med check and nail his Handlers. This news is getting so old people don't care about news. Do Your Job!!! Quit Blabbering On And On!

  19. Biden may be compromised, hopefully, all of the democrats are not. Manchin can't be the only thinking Democrat.

  20. The chances of Biden's brain producing a coherent statement is less than your chances of winning the lottery.

  21. Biden is a senile potato. We’re doomed. Our economy will crash because of this idiot…

  22. Great another worthless meeting

  23. GOP are useless, they get played all the way the idiots

  24. He will sleep and his handlers will say no waste of time

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