Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Biden to sign executive order on COVID-19 relief

President Joe Biden will sign two executive orders Friday, one on COVID-19 relief and another on workers’ protections. #FoxBusiness

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  1. What a joke! He cut 550,000 jobs, increases prescriptions 700% for insulin and epi, and blew a few trillion…. and NO killer Covid plan after saying he had THE plan

  2. Anything to keep the people out of employment & create the dependency culture that perpetually relies on state hands, so to remain in bondage & remain in captivity of the slave masters for bread crumbs!

    The satanic system thrives on making you dependent on state benefits, so it can screw you up ie blackmail you onto giving up your human rights, at a given notice, then bam! … No jab no state benefits scenario – stop taking state handouts for it's a TRAP!!

  3. When Joe pops in my Mind #💩💩💩💩

  4. Biden and the democrats are a disaster. But even in this fox bit they are leaving out all the worst things signed and focusing on the 2 things that on the surface dont sound that bad. Lies by omission.

  5. Joe is killing our citizens and our businesses.
    Why didn't Fox fight for our real president (Trump) and allow this travesty to happen. This is obviously a king Obama administration 2.0.
    Fox should have been with the people and the Patriots. The leftists are coming for you and your organization next (as if you are one of us) and you have deserted the American people. The very ones who kept you going.
    I don't feel sorry for you one bit. I feel sorry for the abandoned Patriots that you let down with your Paul Ryan, never trumpers mentality

  6. Is this the real Oval Office 🧐 or the castle rock set 😮

  7. He's just signing away not giving the pens away 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤌

  8. Biden doesn’t even know he’s alive .

  9. He sign them George Washington

    American Patriot Party ✔
    TURN YOUR BACKS ON BIDEN AN HARRIS , they can not hide it for ever .


  12. Not showing the papers!
    All I see is BLANK PAPERS😂

  13. These 4 years can't be over soon enough.cant wait for Biden,Harris to be gone and many others in washington

  14. They hate the American People and the Capitalism , this is the anti constitutional Election, what happen with the US Army? The loyalty is to the constitution and the people , stop this mess immediately or we crying very soon , we see the Obama/Clinton corruption continuity, America First !!!

    Stand Up🇺🇸

  15. Joe Biden is a fraud and didn’t win the election

  16. So ..if I MAKE myself unemployed, I can STILL get unemployment. Minimum wage $15. No pipeline causes 57,000 workers to lose their jobs. This man is the WORST thing to happen to this country in a VERY long time. It will only get worse, and a;ll before naptime.

  17. I hope they raise the minimum wage to $30 an hour!! Then I will also get a $22 dollar raise!!

  18. Has anyone noticed when Jan. Psaki leaves the podium no one yells out questions to her – treating her differently – as if they do not want to seem to be confronting her with hardball questions as they did with the Trump administration – now we see how the Democrats continue to control even the questions the media are allowed to ask OMG

  19. Biden will be the end of us, unless the people take hold of their future.

  20. I was a political Anarchist for awhile, but, seeing how the “modern Left” is acting, and what they actually believe and represent (specifically, being opposed to “Liberties,” and favoring censorship/groupthink), I have begun to side with the conservatives. I still like to think of myself more like a Libertarian, but at the end of the day, seeing people blatantly ignore reason and common sense in favor of emotions and violence, makes me disgusted.

  21. Too bad Trump didn't do this. He was so checked out the last two months about Covid since he was only focused on the lies he told about losing the election. People DIED because of Trump and their blood is on his hands!

  22. let me guess we all get a penny…

  23. Should wait until the economy recovers, but he's never been accused of being smart !

  24. I’m a SAHM and I feel like I need unemployment lol 😂

  25. Is he signing?? Strange he doesn't show his signature on the order.

  26. Anyone notice that he don't hold up EO's tut o show people what he signed

  27. Securing Federal Workers and forgetting about us.

  28. How many BILLIONS for Gender Studies in Pakistan??.


  30. If you Want to leave your job and lie, you don't want to work AND Want to still get paid, Mr Potato Head says ok.

  31. BAIDEN Hey feel so shame so even in the office who wearing mask oh my God what is this

  32. Fake president in the fake oval office

  33. Is he going to rejoin the Iran Deal?

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