Tuesday , April 20 2021
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Biden Tours Texas Emergency Operations Center | NBC News

Watch as President Biden tours an emergency operations center in Harris County, Texas as the state recovers from a historic winter storm.   » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Live: Biden Tours Texas Emergency Operations Center | NBC News


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  1. Where’s Ted Cruz🙀

    Oh, he’s out there throwing bombs at his constituents
    Who have turned their Right cheek against him
    like he did to those Children in Cages
    From his favorite country Mexico 🤕

  2. … unbelievable this could happen in a country of the 1st world. A shocking example how vulnerable and deadly we are with our modern life style, depending so badly on energy infrastructures 24/7

  3. Traitor Trump's failed F-35 stealth fighter program cost $1.7 trillion.

    That's enough to house all homeless people in the US 28 times over. – R.Reich

    The US air force admitted the F-35 Stealth Fighter has failed. – D.Axe

    I see Biden couldn't help returning to the "bomb everyone in the name of peace" methodology and so F*** the homeless!

  4. The issue now is that Traitor Trump can't blame it all on China so will Biden blame it on Iran?

  5. Ercot letters of resignation won't pay your Texas power bills.

    Park your cars on the lawns of Talberg, Cramton, Bulger, Hepper and Anesetti-Parra.

    Dig holes in their front yards so your families can build out houses. Remember hygiene is essential during pandemics.

  6. Where are the Texan idiots that protested outside hard working vote counter's properties?

    I bet those MAGATs and Capitol rioters feel frozen and stupid now!

    If Ted Cruz's children like Mexico then they should be treated like Mexicans and placed in cages awaiting sterilisation.

  7. I'd love to see that S. O. B. Cruz get out of office. We're not a rich state as people think. We're poor 70%, 20%, Blue Collar, the last are Billionaires. Ted Cruz was hated since he was voted into office. He's been caught in sooooo many lies & his buddy our Governor is always protecting him. Makes me sick we were without electricity since an hour after the storm's it wasn't snow it was shards of ice that felt like glass all our Palm Trees are dead. I lived in Iowa I know how to keep our water going. GOD was watching over us. I'm a retired Paramedic & I have gotten my dad whose got COPD, we couldn't use it. But it was the MAN who needs to be let back into schools who was watching over him & us. Since Trump our lives have gone to crap. He's probably the one who started COVID-19, Trump was traveling to those Countries. Now we have other variants of this HORRIFIC DISEASE.
    President Biden is a WONDERFUL PRESIDENT.

  8. What an incompetent response, or really, a lack of response by Biden to the suffering in Texas. Biden's first big challenge and he has failed miserably. American people freezing to death, while a welcome mat goes out to illegal immigrants.

  9. Biden dragged his feet on acknowledging the crisis even after the 21 deaths were reported. Biden was supposed to bring compassion and empathy to the office, but I guess that disappears when Texas is involved.

  10. Camera man: welp that's enough for me, I've got to pee.🏃 🥴

  11. God Bless President Joe Biden, God Bless America and its Democracy!
    Finally leadership we can have hope and believe in

  12. Everyone in Texas need help from federal. We can’t wait for Texas leaders they all hopeless.

  13. Any funding from federal government never come to residents. Where the hells those funding go. LoL

  14. Better get PREGNANT so you won’t be DRAFTED to fight in Biden’s WAR in Syria. Racist president is bombing innocent Muslims for OIL to make a PROFIT. Am I doing this right ???

  15. Better get PREGNANT so you won’t be DRAFTED to fight in Biden’s WAR in Syria. Racist president is bombing innocent Muslims for OIL to make a PROFIT. Am I doing this right ???

  16. While state government is unveiling a golden statue in florida

  17. Should have done that a week ago. Hilarious

  18. Don't forget Ted Cruz contribution in Mexico !

  19. Biden es un abusador de menores

  20. This fake president is lost mentally. A disgrace to the office of the president of the US👎👎👎

  21. Holy moly property taxes are high in Texas? No state income tax doesn't offset it much for most

  22. this dog won’t know where he at

  23. Biden is not a president. He is a sadly declining alzheimer victim and a deep state installed fraud.

  24. Biden is not a president. He is a sadly declining alzheimer victim and a deep state installed fraud.

  25. For 5 years since 2017 Texas has sure been hit hard. Hurricanes floods drought now Ice/Snowmegeddon.

  26. I think people desperately want to see politicians get along instead of fussing and calling names. Thank you President Biden for just keeping calmness and help to bring peace to the American people.


  28. Why are we paying for their stupidity, and lack of maintenance, and their decision to stay in off the US grid?

  29. How can they claimed state did great job while people were out of electric for days! This is America – the richest and strongest country in the world!!

  30. Sorry Texans what has happened with the cold! but this old man will not help you he will probably forget by the following week

  31. Hey, liar. Where's the"$2000? Im sure the people of Texas could use it. Especially now that you're going to put thousands more Texas energy workers in the walfare line. Liar!

  32. My prayers r with all Texan's. I've got family there too. Two brother's and they're families.

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