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Biden touts economic growth during address: America is moving forward

President Biden talks importance of infrastructure and the economy during his joint address to Congress. #FoxBusiness #Biden

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  1. Unions built the middle class? WhT?

  2. Simple let robots do everything and there will be no jobs

  3. People, you need to understand that Biden's education plans are nothing but a tax money laundering scheme used to enrich the Biden family. It's a familiar scam to the Biden's. We need to wise up to their scam.

    In 2009, as part of the federal stimulus, the Obama-Biden administration made $5 billion available for “education innovations" Joe Biden's younger brother,  Frank, took interest in the business side of the schools, in particular, the underlying real estate associated with them. He discovered early on that schools pay rent using taxpayer dollars. Managed correctly and with the right connections, this created profitable opportunities. In Joe Biden’s first year as vice president, Frank became involved with a for-profit management company for schools called Mavericks in Education Florida LLC.

     Mavericks in Education Florida LLC would be a for-profit company that charged the schools management fees, while the related School Property Development LLC owned and charged high rents for their buildings. The funds would come from taxpayer money and federal grants. Whether the school failed or succeeded, the for-profit company owned the real estate assets. It was not long before Frank was flying around Florida in a private jet, lobbying local politicians and school officials to allow Mavericks to manage schools in their communities.

    According to the Florida Department of Education, the performance record of Mavericks Schools in Florida was abysmal. These were not what one would regard as “good schools for kids.” The best-performing Mavericks school was in Kissimmee, near Disney World. The graduation rate at that school was just 43 percent in 2011. Things were worse at Mavericks’ other Florida locations: in Largo, the graduation rate was an astonishing 7.2 percent; in Homestead, it was an incredible 4.5 percent.

    Mavericks was also accused by state auditors in Florida of inflating their enrollment numbers. As the South Florida Sun Sentinel noted, “In South Florida, three probes released by the state Auditor General’s office in 2013 and 2014 found Mavericks schools in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Palm Springs and Homestead were collecting dollars for students who did not attend the school and not teaching enough hours to meet state requirements.” Why inflate the enrollment numbers? The more students enrolled, the more taxpayer funding collected. The key to understanding Frank Biden’s business is that the real money was not in the operation of the schools themselves—but in the underlying real estate for schools. “It’s all about the buildings we buy,” he explained in an interview. “Certainly the operation of the schools isn’t profitable.”
    In addition to Mavericks in Education, Frank also became a partner in School Property Development, which provided “building services” to schools and owned buildings connected to Mavericks. They were soon building schools in West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Glen Ridge, Pembroke Pines, and elsewhere in Florida. These entities are responsible for over 12 billion dollars in federal school financing of over 200 schools built and operated in Florida.
    The schools were built using taxpayer money and receiving grants to pay for the buildings, while Frank Biden was collect high rents from the schools. By 2014, the Mavericks schools had received more than $70 million in state money. Nine million of that went to Frank Biden's management company. The Obama administration also lavished the failing Mavericks schools with federal grants.

    During the Obama presidency, Frank Biden received millions of dollars in federal grants. These were “discretionary grants” given through the U.S. Department of Education’s (DOE) State Educational Agencies (SEA) grant program. Applications were filed with Education Department headquarters in Washington. As of 2012, the department was sending Frank Biden approximately $250,000 a year in taxpayer money for each Mavericks school.  In 2015,Frank Biden's Mavericks schools received just under $2.7 million in grants from the DOE—an average of almost $300,000 per school.

    The entire Biden family, from brothers Frank and James, to son Hunter and daughter Ashley with her husband, are involved in these types of scams using tax payer funded grants to enrich the Biden family.

  4. 🎖🎖🎖🎪🎖🎖

  5. Despite the economic crisis, this is a Still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto

  6. Honestly was skeptical of Joe but if these facts turn out to be true then maybe he’s onto something.
    Gotta fact check all this instead of just disliking someone for who they are. If I did that I’d be some left/right wing extremist.

  7. Notice how congress did not even show up for this guy? The one cut away show about a 1/6 of the chamber was there.

  8. Number 1 2 and 3 at the same time. If you cant see through those lies nothing can help us

  9. remember trumps first 100 days, everything good was become of Obama, so now Biden's first 100 days are due to trump. thank you for the growth 45 hope this guy does not ruin your polices

  10. Did Pelosi rip up his speech? Bet not.

  11. You are a lying a**hat with dementia!!!!!

  12. Oh so spending us into oblivion, about 10 trillion dollars worth is considered economic growth huh? All rightyy then

  13. Where is 10% from Chinese communist party ?

  14. I just come here for the comments, nothing like white Americans, if they are not on your side, you all will pick them apart. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. American move forward? What a lie…. American going backward… your democrats keep playing racial issue won’t make America move forward …

  16. The three dementia leaders of the United states of America. President biden and vice president Kamala Harris and speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.

  17. Such a strong and honest President a refreshing difference since the past one.

  18. Deep your gold assets for bit coins, you will see a 50% gain!!

  19. America moving forward? How is that, when the poverty rate is still way too high, and 70% of the work force still wants a 4th stimulus check.

  20. This is pathetic off the back of trump takes all the credit

  21. Where's the fact checkers?

  22. Where did he get information from???

  23. A recession,and possible depression is more like it.

  24. Biden: we will export tons and tons of potatoes overseas,and you will thank me 😁

  25. These people are delusional as hell

  26. The Flag should be flown at half mast until these socialists are removed from office. I just hope we still have a salvageable country when it is done .

  27. They can’t call this a “state of the Union”. Because there is unity. There is just those that support the party, and those that support the Constitution.

  28. and so, who got invited?

  29. "More jobs in the first 100 days than any administration in history." Was he referring to jobs torched by the stroke of a pen?

  30. What an idiot!!! God help us!!

  31. Nobody but brainless morons and liberals approve of these Communist puppets put in power (because of the stolen election) to do the wicked work of the global elite. God's judgment is upon such people and the Beast is going to be judge by a Holy God from heaven who sees their wicked deeds and lies and murders.

  32. Despite the economic crisis, this is a Still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto

  33. Joe Biden was not elected president of the United States

  34. Can’t call going back to work creating jobs


  36. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😱😱😱😱

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