Thursday , December 2 2021
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Biden Travels To Scranton To Pitch Agenda

Still struggling to unite a Democratic divide over his spending plan, President Biden took his pitch to his childhood hometown. This comes as BIden lowered the target to between $1.7 trillion and $1.9 trillion and scaled back on key programs.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Biden Travels To Scranton To Pitch Agenda


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  1. Thank you for caring Joe! God Bless the US!

  2. Can’t stand Biden or NBC. Both have hurt our country.

  3. We reject you you leprosy lizards

  4. They booed as his parade came down the street. Sick of his lies. Natural fossil fuels are safer than batteries in cars that have to be charged for hours. Live in states that take twelve plus hours to drive across or cities that take hours to go to. Trains is his solution. We are not china but he really touts their agenda. Why do you not realize that's the reason for masks and the jab. Got people fearful of each other. Fear God, not government. Turn back to Him and trust and obey God. This is how our country will build back better.

  5. How come you didn't show his reception party? Let's go Brandon

  6. Even the universities chanted FJB! President potato head is toast!


    1964 Japan's first bullet trains, The Beatles first record album. Manchin & Sinema want the US to stay 57 years behind Japan.

    1998 China has 37,900km of high speed track with 32,000km more under construction.

    2021 US trains travel at 135mph, China's travel at 268 mph. US has 301km high speed track with 2,000km under construction.

  8. F Joe Biden and the Communist Democrats……………

  9. Show the massive amount of trump supporters making fun of him on the streets

  10. When a politician repeats the same thing over and over and raises his voice trying to convince you they are lying.




  14. Isn't funny how our "TOTALITARIAN TYRANNICAL MEDIA CONTROLLED BY THIS GARBAGE ADMINISTRATION" did not mention one single solitary person saying in the crowd "LET'S GO BRANDON"….

  15. hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahaha

  16. Biden was clearly confused in his speech. Said he was Vice President for 36 years

  17. Biden "36 years as Vice President"……😳

  18. he struggles to speak and remember what topic he is speaking on. he is the worst and failing in every way.

  19. Color me shocked he used the kitchen table story again. What a politician . Unreal.

  20. The worst presidential team ever in America SADLY sad liberals and Democrats destroying America and were is Kamala Harris a disgrace to all Americans and veterans

  21. It was pitiful and embarrassing…..rambling on about things nobody cares about….like grannies nickname for him….cmon man….try to focus

  22. Flock this network and Joe Bozo!

  23. Costs ZERO??? No surprise that the ‘poorest man in congress’ who was able to buy the DuPont mansion and 2 other lavish homes thinks a 4.5T bill costs nothing. I nominate Hunter Biden for Treasury Secretary! #fjb

  24. I think NBC misleads what if he is trying to cut money from ivy leagues, or their 25 million for butterflies, or 25 million for fish in the desert or their25 million for mussels, or the big tax cuts for the rich to buy electric cars. I could go on and on about the inane things put in that bill. Personally being an Independent I won’t vote for anyone who votes yes on this bill.

  25. Did you see the United States? Singapore has been blending with the CCP for a long time. They have already been bought by the CCP. This time Singapore directly publicly supports the CPT to join the CPTPP. The greatest benefits can be achieved, and the CCP’s second generation of Red, most of the money hidden in Hong Kong is moved to Singapore to hide, through Singapore, the CCP obtains the missile chips they want. If the United States still pretends to be ignorant, it will be devoured step by step.

  26. No the people don’t want the globalist 666 agenda

    Let’s go Brandon 🖕🏻

  27. So he’s cutting back on all the stuff that Americans would actually support.. or should I say the stuff that may directly benefit Americans. So what’s left in the plan?

  28. Did Joe fly there or take Amtrak ?

  29. I live in Scranton and there were droves of proper Americans here to welcome Joe with "let's go brandon" chants… President Trump& DeSantis 2024

  30. The ”pitch” was certainly not from the President himself. Anyone who has taken the time to listen to the full presentation and trying to understand what the President is saying, would question if he really is able to pitch anything – except old memories from his childhood. The incoherent presentation is part of the reason why the democrats seem to be in able to achieve anything.

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