Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Biden urges Democrats and Republicans to back new COVID-19 relief bill | WNT

With millions of Americans in desperate need, President-elect Joe Biden implored Congress to come together and pass a badly needed COVID-19 relief bill.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Go back in your basement and be quiet!!

  2. Goober ain't in charge yet. Teedering old fool.

  3. Any bill without direct payments is nothing but political junk. It's like giving a bandaid to a person with a leg amputation

  4. China invaded the United States first from the media, followed by political officials who were easily bought with money. Then there is political manipulation and gradually America will become slaves of China. It can be said that now the scenario has begun to come true.

    🙈 🙉 🙊

  6. What about stimulus checks? In this bill there is nothing for those that can't work so they can't get benefits. Also people on SS and SSDI, etc. need help also because of Covid. Many have been sick with Covid and now have Dr and hospital bills theycant pay. Groceries, utility bills, etc. Etc. WE ALL NEED HELP NOT JUST CERTAIN PEOPLE. We have been waiting months for relief.

  7. https://youtu.be/CoztmDNJYXk
    Not disrespect, just for relax, verbal misstep combination for Joe Biden…….

  8. President Biden, go ahead and make decisions on your own. Conald J Swamp is MIA. The Conald is only fooling us to get the GOP senate candidates elected in Georgia. Dems in Georgia, please vote for blue.


  10. keep Biden in lock up to free him from covid-19 which he himself in collaboration with ccp brought in America for his ambition to gain power through illegal means.He played politics with the lives of the innocents.


  12. https://youtu.be/wB7jhXvFl0k
    footage of election fraud in Atlanta election night

  13. It's gonna be a sad Christmas for too many!!! And these rich mf could care less!

  14. Biden is in no position to ask for this.

    He needs to be tried for violation of the Logan act.

  15. Biden always thinks of ways to work hard for corruption

  16. Fraud election, Biden did not win. What President elect ???? Fraud President more appropriate!!!

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  22. Dem-of-rats want to give your money to illegals not the us citizens and Biden already said he was going to open the door and let illegal in to our country to work , SO what then when you can't find a job now ???????? if you are a illegal they will pay your rent ,buy you food , school your children and much much more as you and your family are put in the streets Stop Biden and Obama fight to keep TRUMP

  23. As a former CCTV Security Operator and after careful viewing this footage. I can inform you this is 100% evidence that mass fraud took place during the American Election in Georgia.
    Republicans tender new CCTV footage to Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee.

  24. The democratic constitutional state is vulnerable, always and everywhere No democracy is immune to 'authoritarian temptation'! There will always be Trump who try to control the rule of law.

    Trump has now lost and it is time for him to leave! He will no longer be inviolable by 2021!

    So the lawsuits can begin! Lawsuits are coming over: a rape case in the 90s, a sexual assault in the 20s of the 21 century, a case that Trump still has to pay back 15 million to one person! There are also some smaller lawsuits so we get to see and hear enough about the ex-president Trump!!

  25. The Dem-of-rats are stopping the money from coming to us, they can't pocket most of it so they sit and do nothing , Obama and Biden are Communist working to turn our country over to the CCP party of China Obama and Biden are being paid for years by China WE need to fight to save our country FIGHT TOBE FREE TRUMP WON 2020

  26. Who cares what Biden wants there will be no peace. Democrats don't deserve anything.

  27. If those trash reporters of so called mainstream media get bitten by the crowd and then finding their teeth all over the ground during reporting on the spot , I won't be surprised , Because I think they deserved it .

  28. https://youtu.be/B95VxLQ8baE

    #CNNTapes: Jeff Zucker Labels Donald Trump A Bigger Threat To National Security Than Voter Fraud (2020. 12. 2)

  29. USAmerica, You are imitating the murderer dogs of South Korea that you are using to slaughter and destroy the Prophet Yi and families of Jesus and his servant Prophet Yi. And USAmerican are imitating South korea's policy without any countermeasures. The United States, like South Korea, brutally destroys and perishes incomparably to Sodom and Gomorrah. / Rationalization of crime. Abuse of authority and abuse of law (exploit the abuse and the law) / Crime is only a crime and there are only penalties for the law. South korea and USA, the den …… / Trump Admin. Requests Supreme Court Invalidate Obamacare https://twitter.com/OANN/status/1276603570243002368/photo/1

    Rationalization of crime. Abuse of authority and abuse of law (exploit the abuse and the law) / They broadcast crimes of falsehood and manipulation, making criminals heroes, rationalizing crimes through religion, and concealing crimes. In addition, they live a luxurious life with the power and money of abuse of authority and live with the benefits of crime. The time for the criminals of Satan and the Devil is over. Kill the murderers of South Korean and American ('Mang Won') more brutally. by Prophet Yi Jung-Yon ( David of JESUS )

    There is no hope for the dead. Only work for living people.

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    Naturally all families of them, too. by Prophet Yi /

    From https://facebook.com/jungyon.yi Continue

    BREAKING: The U.S. hits a record number of daily coronavirus cases — over 37,000 infections — topping the peak seen in April during the initial outbreak https://twitter.com/…/status/1276351993775296512/photo/1

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    El Gobierno se prepara para endurecer la ley del tabaco con el objetivo de reducir su consumo y promover hábitos saludables

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    Don't worry. be happy. Always like criminals on TV and radio stations of South korea and USAmerica. Just got a News without evidence. For intervening in the presidential elections in the United States. South Korea's evil murder massacre criminals (Mang Won) are committing torture …..


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