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Biden will be a unifying and problem solving president: Joe Lieberman

Former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman discusses his expectations for the Biden administration and the Iran nuclear deal.

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  1. Peace, peace, peace! All the opposition has been silenced and sent to the camps.

  2. I muted and scrolled down so I wouldn't have to see or listen to this moron. Biden is the top boss of the Biden crime family… Ukraine, Moscow and let's not forget Hunter and his problems. Other countries are laughing at us for allowing Biden to steal this election. The dumbing of America is now complete.

  3. Unity and Healing.. there's a Vaccine for that.

  4. Yeah they’re really trying to unify the country and forgiving forget and all of that and here they are handing out punishment dissolving the tax cut is a raise in your taxes and what did they say we’re not going to raise taxes man Congress must have a special stash in place what’s your smoke it is much better than anything I can get out to Colorado

  5. Biden didn’t do anything he’s being praised for doing nothing God I wish I could get some of what these people are smoking

  6. Hey man can you send me some of what you’re smoking it is really good

  7. Demented fool. Trump won in a landslide! and he has all of the evidence, it does not make sense why he would leave?. Sleepy Joe and horrible Harris lost big time. Those are the facts. The 2020 election was the most fraudulent election in US history!. TRUMP 2020!.

  8. This fool is smoking crack !

  9. Maybe he forgot to tell big tech, the congress, and the rest of his supporters who want to reprogram all things Trump or take their children away in camps for reprogramming. Brave new world; far from unifying. Tell all those who just became unemployed as he dumped the pipeline, which will make us energy-dependent on the Middle East and Russia.

  10. Things are going to get more spicy. We won’t stop. We don’t care he isn’t the president of 75 million Americans. The country is going to fall apart fast

  11. Not my president and Kamala Harris is a Witch!!!🇺🇲🧙😡🗡🛡🔫⚒🪓💣💥

  12. Nobody is unifying… the politicians will unite for kickbacks, insider trading and cash from special interest…

  13. No he won’t!!! He will be an embarrassment for the American people!!!!

  14. Is he behind bullet proof glass?

  15. f u murdoch u sell out shill

  16. And god help this country with Biden/ Harris in charge


  18. Rubbish
    Biden will give the USA to the enrmy

  19. Biden is not a solution, he is other problem

  20. Watch the stock market go down

  21. I can tell clearly that the MAJORITY SILENT “ The People” are in disfavor with the outcome with Biden

  22. I am still trying to figure out what makes a person want to be a Democrat. The only thing I think of is the freebeys.

  23. Biden will line his pockets w/ china even more and sell out America like he has for 47yrs

  24. I don't care if he rich to me he's never be my president

  25. Just unsubscribed. Never want to see Fox in my feed again.

  26. It's going to be very uniform everyone must comply. I imagine that the 30 million people that is just been approved by the FBI to buy their very first firearms pretty much aren't going to be happy to have them confiscated immediately. I'm sure a lot of the old gun owners find it very unifying the thought that when they come for the whole neighborhood's guns they'll still have a waste management system to get rid of the waste. Soylent Green is Trump supporters

  27. Thank you to everyone who voted! In light of the events of January 6th, we made the right decision! America and democracy won!

  28. The fool is going to cancel the keystone pipe line and throw open borders

  29. Trump Desantis 2024 count on it

  30. He will need the military to back him everywhere he goes . In this country and the world . Just like all the other Fraud Dictators .

  31. Biden is most definately not a good man

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