Biden wishes Republicans ‘lots of luck’ to impeach him

Sen. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., on Congress’ continuing resolution, the ongoing UAW strikes and the future of a Biden impeachment inquiry. #FOXBusiness

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  1. “Good luck”is what someone would say when they know the system is corrupt. Do you know something Joey?

  2. Shut it down, bringing the Marines

  3. He will be impeached or this would be a perfect opportunity for Trump to send in the military arrest of Peace of s*** Biden entire cabinet Camilla Harris and every piece of s*** Democrat involved don't be trying at Guantanamo Bay and removed

  4. He knows he’s protected by the deep state and its infuriating

  5. And Biden is right with that . Biden has been a thief all his life . With the DOJ and the FBI in his pocket nothing will ever come out of impeachment or any other allegations against him . ONLY Trump will be able to find Biden's weak point and shut him down !! I pray to God that Trump will be able to put Biden and most of his administration in jail where they belong !!!!!!!!

  6. Impeachment (indictment) is one thing. Being convicted by the Senate, is quite another. You won't get 60 votes in the Senate to convict him.

  7. When you have God mr. Biden you don't need luck Glory Hallelujah in Jesus mighty name 🙏🙏🙏 oh taste God and see that he is good you'll be so grateful that you did Hallelujah

  8. Some one we get joe biden out of the white house he is no good for American

  9. Maybe he’ll use F-15s on them like he threatened to do to anyone who disagrees with him….

  10. uniparty spending is destroying the lives of the working class in this country …. disgusting

  11. The UAW is pricing themselves out of a job. No other workers are getting 9% a year raise for 20% less work and almost no one gets a cost of living increase. They are already building cars that no one can afford. These wage increases will be passed on to consumers. There are a lot of people out of work who would LOVE to have their salary. Perhaps the automakers should replace the UAW with other workers. Nothing they do is rocket science, the vast majority of it is automated. Other people could be quickly trained to run those machines.

  12. Pay everyone exept the political people.

  13. McCarthy needs to grow a pair ..and do his damned job or step down

  14. Democrats in this self placed corrupy government are evil pos …

  15. God's going to cut all these evil men down. .


  17. Biden is a walking TARGET

  18. We the people are going to get you impeach joe biden you are a losser