Monday , January 18 2021
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Biden's Director Of National Intelligence Nominee Avril Haines Delivers Remarks | NBC News

Biden’s nominee for Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said she knew she was chosen to serve the interests of the American people, not just the president, and praised those working in the intelligence community.
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Biden’s Director Of National Intelligence Nominee Avril Haines Delivers Remarks | NBC News


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  1. Thank you president elect Biden
    I appreciate you.
    We will have a great country under your leadership

  2. Western world know the jehadi groups always ask seperates part and not join part of democracy . Best example is pakistaan . Study it's route behaviour and character of education model . Pakistaan turkey and China are originator of terrorist in other country. Counter of this forum needs speedily

  3. Regardless, I hope they will keep Gina Haspel in the fold and she can work as a team with Avril Haines if she’s elected as the new director.

  4. What a bunch of bolony!All of them handpicked by the Deep State!🤣🤣

  5. This woman spoke about a pathogen that can spread to every corner of the world as an example of a potential threat and national/international security issue over two years ago. She knows what she's doing

  6. Wow….like a beauty queen….impressive

  7. ALOT of you people have zero room to talk about intelligence and morality. If Trump won. More then half of you would be rioting and burning down small businesses. Be happy the media mislead the nation and you won And continue to live oblivious.

  8. So instead of choosing competent people who have a successful background, you choose them based on their gender and race?
    Look idc if you choose a woman, a black man, etc. But if your choosing these people for ONLY those reasons, that's a bad sign

  9. バイデンさんマスコミに勝手に担ぎ上げられて恥かくだけじゃないの?

  10. Elect ? Lmao it never will happen .

  11. How refreshing to hear a nominee pledge allegiance to America… rather than a President.
    Blessings to you, Ms. Haines…
    I, being one of the majority of Americans, am praying for you.

  12. finally intelligence & commonsense are back 💪

  13. All these actors on television reading off a teleprompter playing thier roles

  14. Professionals? I thought a president selected only family members and yes men. Oh, that was the other guy.

  15. One word: Decorum! 👍🏼

  16. I like how she said she a would serve the people. Secondly tell it like it is not dress it down to make it more palatable for a President. If you want to be a leader , to make decisions you need all the information, even if it may be difficult for you to hear.

  17. common sense and patriotism is back

  18. So refreshing to have actual servants of the people back in charge. 🙂

  19. The world is still laughing at Trump and only Trump.

  20. Biden only hires the best of the best.

  21. Those who complain about this selection, please look at the previous administration before you say something. please, at lease, give it time to recuperate.

  22. Voter fraud was on display Thursday at a hearing put on by the Pennsylvania State Legislature. The hearing was given to legislators responsible for allocating the state’s 20 Electoral College votes for President of the United States. Massive voter fraud was alleged by Rudy Giuliani, who is spearheading the President’s election legal team. Giuliani highlighted dozens of people who witnessed fraud on many levels. One expert testified Biden had nearly 600,000 votes dumped on his side of the ledger, while Trump vote dumps were 3,200. All states have at least one illegal thing in common and that is mail-in ballots that were fraudulently counted and used. The Trump team says it will prove in court the President won on election night by a landslide, and fraud stole the election from him in several states.

    Half the ballots cast in the 2020 election in Nevada were mail-in ballots. The Trump election team says one huge flaw is the signatures were not verified and, in many cases, not even signed. This makes them invalid and unconstitutional. This is a huge problem in all contested states in the 2020 election. Just this one illegal voting flaw is enough to turn the election back to Trump’s favor in all contested states. There were many other forms of election fraud as well, according to people suing for the President and “We the People.” fff

  23. Swamp is getting crowded and muddy.
    More reasons we need Trump for another 4 years.

  24. Was she "speaking truth to power" when she redacted the CIA torture report and oversaw the panel that decided to not prosecute the CIA officers who spied on Senate investigators?

  25. I want a front row seat, to see whats going to happen when you all get stripped of your magical titles you have given yourselves🙃


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