Biden’s DOJ sues Elon Musk’s SpaceX for not hiring refugees

Former DOJ civil rights attorney Roger Severino weighs in on the DOJ filing a lawsuit accusing SpaceX of hiring discrimination against refugees and asylum recipients on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. Revenge on musk by biden doj corruption

  2. Musk has made billions from the government that is now crapping on him.

  3. I wish Joe Biden would care more about our veterans not illegals, refugee's My Foot! Big Cowards

  4. Didn't Pelosi say those immigrants are meant for cheap labor for picking crops?

  5. Didn't Pelosi say those immigrants are meant for cheap labor for picking crops?

  6. These government attacks need to stop before we the people make them stop

  7. Elon should buy DC then evict the Bidens

  8. DOJ needs an attitude adjustment and a set of brains. Space-X, I believe, has an IQ requirement for science and engineering. As far as I'm concerned, the DOJ is advocating SLAVE LABER.

  9. Well Joe, At least he hires people with experience. Something you don't have.

  10. Not only are these motha f**k*$s are going after President Trump now no sooner President Trump goes back on Twitter the corrupt federal government is going after Elon musk. If you people can't see what's going on there's no hope for you. This corruption has to be met with total resistance. I own a business and own property and will never hire or allow immigrants into my business or allow them housing them. F**k Biden

  11. Biden is against all humanity he is the Devil on earth. Must detain this creep and lock him up underground forever.

  12. Biden is the Devil not a unifier as he always lied.

  13. Someone should sue Joe Biden for not caring about American people what a piece of crap disgraceful president

  14. This administration is driving this country to a dangerous point !! It has got to stop !!!

  15. Americans with businesses have a choice of who they hire we don't have to hire migrants or illegals.

  16. Uber dispatchers Fort Lauderdale airport Florida Shame on you. Be ashamed of your manhood. I am an Uber driver. I open the Uber App system every day. I open and close and then I open the Uber system on my mobile more than 20 times a day because the dispatcher is blocking me. I cannot accept trips. This is unfair. The act is not the behavior of an educated person. I will complain to you legally. What a loss for men like you who have no value in the men's market.

  17. Completely backwards. Why is the DOJ trying to contradict federal immigration law? DOJ has again demonstrated why they must be reined in and returned to a fair and JUST agency. Hell, it’s in the name, you idiots!

  18. biden administration, and their Weaponized DOJ are dishonest, illegal, corrupt.

  19. No one wants illegal aliens it's against the law

  20. Those weren’t scholars or engineers running across the border.

  21. When the country gets out of control it's time for change. 😮😮😮

  22. Illegals are illegal and they can't work legally, I'm going to sue the government for covid, making our country unsafe by letting illegals and terrorists into our country. 😮😮😮😮

  23. Biden don't like Elon Musk ever since he took over Twitter and exposed them.

  24. 🤔What motives are behind this administration to sue a company like this to make them violate ITAR and other US federal security regulations? Smells fishy!

  25. Biden has to
    Go he has ruined america!!!!

  26. He doesn’t have to hire refugees!!!!

  27. Really!? Well I’m gonna sue the CIA/FBI for not hiring ppl they know nothing about. How you think that will go for me? Besides finding me “sleeping wit the fishes!”

  28. Come on Elon let’s get this President impeached. Go get em


  30. I'm telling you, the current government is not American.

  31. The Democrats are actually committing treason forcing a major government supplier to violate government hiring laws. STOP THE GOVERNMENT SO WE CAN ARREST THE TREASONOUS TRAITORS