Biden's FDA is responsible for baby formula crisis: GOP lawmaker

Democrats cannot solve problems, but are great at finding ‘scapegoats’ for their own mistakes, said North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. I am so happy. Big smile 😀 all day , knowing that the only ones suffering are the morons who vote for this moron. Maga peeps think ahead, work for 💰, plan for disaster.

    Let's see November 2022, let's see if they even learn by 2024…. let's see morons.

    Meanwhile, we keep balling in red states, we love living large, making it happene thanks to the new comers running from blue

  2. democrats have never owned up to any mess they have caused

  3. Baby head Joe Biden can't find baby formula he shut down those factories

  4. Trump back at it again lol go vote lebrial lol

  5. Joe Biden creates the crisis, and then doesn’t know how to fix it! We need a competent president and administration NOW! Sick and tired of all their excuses. Disgusting 🤮!!

  6. So you folks are going to talk about the 190+ GOP reps that voted against the baby formula bill?

  7. We had a shipment of baby formula and Biden seized it!! They create a problem for you and then they fix it, making them look like the good guys- they're not the good guys, they're the bad guys– they're the ones that took it away in the first place!!

  8. They sent skids of formula to the illegal immigrants at the border

  9. Scapegoats?? When you try to install a dictator by means of fake electors are they scapegoats?? The are guilty and the man who gave the orders. And they must meet justice. scapegoats??? Are we in a playground??

  10. Government has to deal with climate change and covid and respirators in time, something Trump did NOT. He laughed about it. Made jokes about it. Took bleach.
    Government has not to deal with baby formula.

  11. i wish she would shut up and let the guests talk instead of promoting her own slant. you invited the guests for a reason, you twit!

  12. These scumbags did this on purpose so they could invest in foreign markets producing baby formula.

  13. Other countries don't have the safety standards we do in America. This is why we don't import stuff like that because it can be dangerous to babies.

  14. Idiot title, it's the fda no matter who is the president

  15. There is no shortage of baby food at the southern border there are warehouses full of it !!! For the illegal immigrants. Biden Polosi and Harris have secretly ordered this in order to screw the American people !!!!!
    Has secretly ordered this

  16. With all due respect to new Mothers needing formula for their newborns, Joe Biden is not at fault. Granted his Administration took action that resulted in the shortage; but, Biden, himself, is unaware of his surroundings much less this critical shortage.

  17. starting early is the best way of getting ahead tl built wealth, Investment remains the priority, the stoclk market has plenty opportunities to earn a decent payout, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  18. Biden and the dems knew they couldn't improve TRUMP'S America. So they are doing their best to be remembered as the ones that fuc up America.. Socialist, Obama black America All fuc up .
    They all got paid for it..
    TRUMP an American man. MAGA
    Embarrassing all you ignorant criminal Democrats.

  19. Biden is an MIC shill.

  20. Yup!
    And Trump caused Covid!!!!
    And the Bishop read the memo! Criminal/ weak/ dems fault!

  21. Democrats gave all the formula to Ukraine 😂

  22. Babies can fend for themselves….. the baby boomers haven’t had a taxcut for 18 months…. Cmon republicans….. where do. My donations go ????

  23. We need to scrap the FDA , CDC , FCC , EPA , any angency that keeps American companies from doing its job . The private sector always does a better job doing their business . The government turns everything they touch to poop ! We do need to shut down the department of energy and education . Government is huge and accountable to nobody . Most are driven by politicians , lobbyist , and unions . Shame on Biden , no baby formula ? So much for the powerful USA ! The other countries are laughing and enjoying the destruction this administration and Congress have done to our constitution and country ! God help us 🙏

  24. I did that but it's everybody else's fault – Democrats 2022.

  25. When the house tried to pass a vote to regulate these companies so shortages like this didn't happen again the GOP blocked the bill.

    Yes, GOP wants another shortage like this because it benefits companies.

  26. Lesson. Make baby milk like your grandparents. Carnation milk or goats milk, Karo syrup and boiled water. Simple.

  27. Biden admin can't fix the problems they create daily, and it's intentional.

  28. Thy blaming Putin for every thing bad thing in USA is so stupid

  29. Biden administration is the worst I've ever seen in my 75 years. We sent Northam, the Dem governor, packing last year from the Virginia capitol. Governor Youngkin is like a breath of real fresh air. Let's do the same in the 2022 & 2024 elections.

  30. Biden caused every US failure since he was elected. Every single thing he touches becomes a government failure. He cant secure the border. He can't do anything right. When will Liberals actually say it is their fault? Voting for a Democrat is like voting for communism.

  31. Every thing he, it, touches turns to "crap"