Biden’s federal judge pick confronted after failing to define legal term #shorts

It’s a ‘huge problem’ when the Biden administration plays identity politics, ‘Fox & Friends’ co-host Todd Piro says.

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  1. Biden’s done NOTHING but put Unintelligent Idiots in his Cabinet from day one ! This is truly Sad for AMERICA

  2. As stupid as Joe biden 😅

  3. He must of been absent from his law classes but made it to play in all his basket ball games. 😅

  4. The Brady gun law when secret service agent Brady was shot in the head protecting President Regan duh idiot 😅

  5. Nominated for the color of his skin not his legal prowess

  6. Are you KIDDING me!!!!!

  7. Of course today's Democrats are against anything like a Brady motion…An example would be the farcical Jan 6 hearings where they only showed evidence that supports their case.

  8. Diversity hires is destroying this country

  9. AWE NAW —! 😏😏😏

  10. The problem is after these hearings this judge will be approved by 100% of the vote.

  11. China is laughing at us.

  12. He is the right colour and box ticked so thats all they want

  13. The pool is large. Even if they were hiring because of skin color, there are plenty of intelligent black people everywhere. It can't be that difficult to find them.

  14. "Senator, in my fo-an-a-half yerrz as a diversity hire, I have no idea what you're talking about, an sheeit."

  15. Judge wanted no experience necessary

  16. All dump as their boss


  18. Wow a whole 4 and a 1/2 years on the bench hes so uniquely qualified just like all the rest of these nominees with this administration

  19. I pray for our country everyday!!!!

  20. Seriously , this human is up for this job ? Seriously ….

  21. all thses woke clowns must of got their so called TROPHY DEGREE FROM CRACKER JACK BOX UNIVERSITY ! CLUELESS

  22. I bet he has a nice condo on the beach … gotta love lawyers

  23. If any More of These Unqualified Nominate for Judge are approved, Makes it Crystal Clear The People Need to Raise Shields to Protect themselves.

  24. Come on man, he's coloured just right

  25. Land of the ultra dumb and the Very arrogant

  26. Just because you went to school…. SMART IT DOES NOT MAKE U

  27. If can not answer you do belong there

  28. See, the Biden administration continues to try and install incompetent people into positions of power. This should tell all Americans; that this administration is hell bent on destroying this country by any means.

  29. Loadsa words to say, dunno wot ur on about!!

  30. So ridiculous that this man is so uninformed!

  31. My cousin Vinny knows about Brady v. Maryland. 😂

  32. Amazing to think he is a judge


  34. As per usual, Joe picks another winner🎉

  35. Albertino's how to steal women's clothing at airports