Biden’s first impeachment hearing to be held next week

House begins impeachment inquiry proceedings against President Biden. Fox News senior congressional correspondent Chad Pergram with the latest.

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  2. Us veterans want him Impeached and Removed from Office!! What is he doing for us veterans!! Absolutely f**king nothing!! Democrats don't care about our sacrifice we made to defend this country!!

  3. Impeach corruption criminal president Joe Biden

  4. How much of President Trump’s impeachment trials had real evidence? At least the GOP is exploring factual evidence, not relying on Adam Shitz conjectures.

  5. What's taking so long impeach him it didn't take you long to impeach MrTrump did it

  6. Shut down the government in peach Biden

  7. So beyond TIRED of the TALK!! It is NOW, Government shutdown or not, the frickin flood gates at the border are not going to shutdown, and this DEMONcratic, EVIL ADMINISTRATION, isn’t going to stop with their plan to finish turning our Country into a Socialist state!! We The People need a Divine Intervention, Prayers Galore Please!!!


  9. If Biden is so innocent why not give the republicans what they are asking for? If I was innocent I would give them everything they asked for to PROVE My Innocence! Instead The Democrats have done everything to Stonewall, Refuse to answer congress's questions and LIE to The American People.

  10. Impeach president Bigot! Idc what farce he's done in the past 2 years. He's a historic 2 faced BIGOT. Fellow gays, don't fall for the lies purely meant to take your vote, your voice, and your money.

  11. What about misappropiation of tax payer money? Wouldn't that be an issue for impeachment?


  13. impeaching Biden isn't going to do anything, the administration controls him, all Biden can do is just favorable deeds for his family with nepotism while

    the administration/intelligence team does the real work behind the scenes. Impeaching Biden will only stall it so they have to find themselves a new puppet

  14. WEALTH $$$$

    A nation’s wealth is not it's wheat, oil or gold

    But the people who live there both young and old.

    Their wealth is a product of man’s daily toil

    Be they swing wars saber or plow God's soil.

    Our riches can certainly grow their own wings

    Though it's love that keeps us happy not things.

    When we become rich beyond our wildest dreams

    That's when Satan always pursues us it seems.

    Let no one fall victim to their surplus wealth

    For when it happens they’ll find they've lost their health.

    All wealth either serves or governs its holder

    As we who strive wear life's cross on our shoulder.

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web!!

  15. 🪧😡 protest the white House

  16. He needs to go to jail for destroying USA 🇺🇸

  17. Yay !!!
    Send him to a mental institution please

  18. James and Hunter Biden do not hold public office so they cannot be impeached. A Washington Post fact check found that $7 million dollars went to Biden family members, most of it to Hunter, and none went to Joe Biden. Kevin McCarthy filed the impeachment inquiry as some sort of weak misguided attempt at revenge against the Democrats. America used to be better than this! 🇺🇸

  19. That will be a joke! Can’t wait to start seeing the “evidence”. 😂

  20. Do they have die-hard evidence? Will not settle for made up lies.

    BYE – BYE SLEEPY JOE !!!!!!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🖕

  22. Are you kidding me the bidens don't you mean the the criminals

  23. Did he just say news nuggets!!

  24. I think it's funny all these news media Outlets are just pointing out the facts that only the government's going to shut down instead of the corruption the Democratic party has done to this country of America the fact that they're driving up inflation because of Joe Biden trying to choke out citizens America's tired of it they want better than this bull crap we're getting that is supposed to be a good thing from the president of the United States but he acts like he's not there for the American people because the only people that are benefiting from what Joe Biden is trying to put into policy is the Biden family China and Russia and Ukraine that's it so really is this war in Ukraine just one giant rude while Joe Biden tries to collapse the United States economy to place China and Russia at the top of the new world dominating superpower

  25. I hope nobody is getting too excited about this impeachment process, If Biden is gone Kamala is gonna be the next president and I'm sure nobody is gonna like that

  26. Poor Varney, he does not realize one is a committee function and the other is general business, for the next ten days.

  27. Jim Biden you're going to end up in the Hilton Alcatraz facility to just like your daddy if you don't like the food blame Donald Trump

  28. Joe Biden in your crime family ministration you've been caught red-handed by the American people and you better cough up the tax papers LLC numbers bank statements you better cough it all up because you know something if we have to go find it ourselves you're sentencing will be longer yet they helped me out the trash facilities going to be welcoming you and your drug addict son and half of your ministration

  29. good shut the gov down save us a lot of bs

  30. Mitch McConnell issues a warning to GOP lawmakers: Government shutdowns are a 'loser for Republicans'. Go ahead GOP, do it.


  32. Perspective.
    If you all hadn't mentioned my late Mom yesterday I would've stayed at work. But family comes first and I had to fix it.
    Watch your mouths from now on. And regarding noise, I've woken to pounding on the walls each work day at between 3 and 4 am each morning. The next door neighbors started it again
    No punishment for me, I didn't start it. Get your facts straight you bigots.
    I request that the Republicans in both Houses of Congress please circulate this comment.

  33. In other breaking news, I will be fishing for Atlantic salmon at Auto Zone 😂😂😂😂

  34. Whares the money
    But now money just fun only

  35. Whares the money
    But now money just fun only

  36. Tell the media to bugger off and get on with it.

  37. Good long overdue.

  38. We need some actuon against the mobster Joe Biden.

  39. Wow its an imprachment fight lol, everyone gets impeached now lol

  40. Will they televise it. It needs to be

  41. And not one thing will be different than it is right now. More idle talk by totally ineffective congress men and women.

    Its all one big joke lije everything else thes so called “representatives” do.