Biden’s ‘Inflation Increasing Act’ is a ‘disaster’: Andy Puzder

Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder joins ‘The Evening Edit’ to discuss President Biden’s handling of the U.S. economy amid possible additional rate hikes.

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  1. Good to see fox using quality economic specialists same ones who declared a recession no doubt where's Larry kuntlow 😂at least hes a certified practising accountant trump spent 8 trillion dollars propping up the economy he gets back in its goodbye

  2. 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼the government!!!!!!!

  3. Biden you are destroying our country putting our people in debt you are a control Man people are not buying it anymore you are total disgusting disgrace to our country and you have to go what do real democratic people think of you very shameful to our nation

  4. Joe Biden is selling America to China and the Taliban.

  5. A disaster for Americans but a success for china!

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  7. Unfinished discussion/matter.

    Dear Judge Jeanine,
    I recently mentioned how "you watched my Rhythm of Light" drum channel on YouTube and that was because of how months ago I urged people from Fox News (and you by name I believe) to watch it and I specified "my Mother's memorial video."
    Well not long after you came out with a Fox News video entitled "This is a sad case" and because it seemed suggestive of hiw I urged you and others at Fox News to watch my drum channel Rhythm of Light, I automatically assumed that you had watched it (after all, most things are "suggestive" on YouTube).
    And so because I was obviously mistaken ON THIS ONE SPECIFIC AREA, I'd like to humbly apologize to you. No offense was intended, Ma'am. I guess with how others have jumped to conclusions with regards to me (present company excluded), I thought that I was certain enough to do that in this case. But it'll not happen again, Judge, and again, all apologies.
    Daniel Sideen.

    To anyone that's interested,
    The Frontline Assembly video that I watched on YouTube recently called "Disseminate" my watching it on YouTube recently or any other time had and has no hidden meaning – it's just a good song musically.

    Lastly recently I took Kratom and waited 40 minutes to drive my car but I was going by my wristwatch and not my clock in my "private" apartment (the "private" part was sarcasm on my part, I'm enslaved by the social media criminal dictatorship). I call it "BPD" Bad People Disease because they've stationed and recruited people next door to my apartment to illegally monitor me in my apartment.
    And now that these mentioned things have been resolved, I'll be expecting the monitoring to be demobilized just as immediate as it was mobilized (which means now because of the lack of litigation again) and legal action will be required for this lacking of the legal process in litigating this matter.
    Arrests for all, and a list of names will be given to me because I've disclosed everything in person.
    And if that list is not provided, all monitoring and reporting of anything going on in my apartment from this point forward is to be considered illegitimate and ultimately banned. Litigation and disclosure are supposed to be mutually cooperated with and it's been violated too many times.
    Any violations of this order will result in arrests under the equal protection portion of the US Constitution.
    Happy Sunday, folks. 😊


    I request that the Republicans in both Houses of Congress please circulate this comment even on the weekend if you please.

  8. Reaganomics resulted in two recessions. The debt ceiling was revised 18 times. The national debt tripled from one to three trillion dollars. The federal debt held by the public nearly tripled from $738 billion to $2.1 trillion. The gross national debt also increased from $995 billion to $2.9 trillion.

  9. It's all theft. All governments worldwide have extensive corruption at the top. Higher interest rates are a scam, its just a way for them to make more money without contributing anything at all.

  10. Whatever Sniffy does is a disaster.

  11. Red flag? Wow, that's an understatement. Brandon's economic destruction has gone nuclear, and nobody has a shelter!

  12. Trump brought us out of inflation that the previous president got us into (Obama)


  14. Biden please get on your jet and go home forever. Your home looking forward is 50 years in prison. America is praying you get 100 years.

  15. Biden has killed hundreds with drugs come across the border now you can blame him for the covid-19 with all these illegal immigrants come across the the border but he will blame Trump for this

  16. Biden lied on his first application and interview to the American people in 2020. Biden should be fired and not allowed to run in the 2024 Presidential election.

  17. And the rich can close the business and sit on they land and homes these rest of us would have nothing

  18. Its like driving a car that's not your usually people don't care it ain't my car

  19. I'm sure they bout to whip out the 2 dollar bill soon its nothing else to tax its a dollar you can't -001.0 its not a balance sheet that means no more left

  20. Bidenomics is not working !!!!

  21. In January or February OBAMA will allow drilling so the Democrats win in November

  22. Do away witg these traitors. Enough vacations.

  23. Bidenomics is forcing me into bankruptcy! What a jerk!

  24. That person is THE DESASTER. THATS MAKING. THEM.

  25. inflation increasing act.I like that description.

  26. Bidenomics is not working !!!!!

  27. Brandon thinks giving spiteful ACTS a pretty name ppl won't notice theyer bein scammed!!

  28. Report on Proterra filing for bankruptcy Monday. Proterra is the electric bus manufacturer Biden, Harris, Bootyjudge and Jennifer Granholm were so high on. Granholm had 5 million dollars worth of stock in Proterra and was on the board of directors. They got over 80 million from the inflation act. Now they're bankrupt. Somebody needs to check on that.

  29. When was it did we get the cost of living raise ? Man we had to wait the year to get that . Guess what ? Inflation went up not long after we got our benefits . That was to pay for our benefits and yeah it gone up again and again and God knows what going on , it is fixing to go up again . This whole thing bunch of crap that we only get this once a year .

  30. I can picture how the mug shot went down: "C'mon, make the serious face, the serious face. C'mon, serious face now, make the serious face. There ya go! Good boy."

  31. We keep telling you people that Biden is an idiot. The guy needs to be ran out of town. He’s got no business being president. He is a complete idiot.

  32. Except this is Fox News. Where is Tucker Carlson? Oh, he was fired for lying. Where is Bill O'Reilly? Oh, he was fired for lying. Where is Gretchen Carlson? Oh, she quit because the Fox bosses kept licking her blouse.

  33. When are the crazy a** politicians going to realize? Joe Biden is a disaster, he is mentally incompetent. He is a disaster he is mentally incompetent.

  34. More black voters will vote Republican in 2024 but, just as important many Democrat black voters simply won't vote out of disgust.

  35. The only way for inflation to go down is to get this administration out of office ASAP

  36. Joe Biden president United States does not want the economy to grow he wants it to crash that's where all the Democratic party is doing is trying to make the economy crash they know it doesn't work it's never worked.

  37. This is a truly dreadful president, brandon aka biden is a joke and covid had nothing to do with it, this current administration is absolutely to blame for this mess, this man is a joke and already will be heading on my list as well as many as one of the worst presidents in u.s. history, 2024 will not be too kind, i hope rfk jr and cornel west be the spoliers will finally end the dems's reign of terror.

  38. This administration is just like the mafia. A bunch of racketeers

  39. Fox and Republicans talks but have absolutely no solution. Thanks President Biden for growing our economy back from covid.

  40. Good to see inflation lowering. Thanks Joe & Democrats for saving us from Republicants inaction as usual.

  41. Fox how do you like your communist Biden now?

  42. Why do we have to suffer for bad government spending and bad government policies. Voters pay attention we can't afford this

  43. America, you know the solution to these problems; vote Republic or get the same mess from new Democrats.