Biden’s labor chief says US lack of immigration threatens economy

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh reacts to the November jobs report and discusses other factors influencing the 2023 economic outlook.

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  1. Another Marxist criminal that needs to be prosecuted

  2. How about we train and take care of our own before taking on other countries citizens.

  3. There’s no need for a government. They don’t protect their citizens they just legalize crimes.

  4. The legal immigration numbers are thrown of by the illegal criminals invading the country. Don't think for 1 sec that the government cares about the people or this country . They betray US daily

  5. Cause we have illegal immigrants take overe American

  6. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without hesitating then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  7. Take those 87 thousand IRS workers they want to hire and hire them for the unemployment and welfare system. They would make a lot of money there with all the fraud going on in those systems!

  8. Here's something to chew on! Mexicans are coming across the border to take jobs; who is hiring them! Black people who don't have jobs and don't own companies? gtfoh! How stupid can you get???

  9. It is a strange world. In my opinion, the government has everyone thing politics and thing is there are all in cahoots with each other. There is a reason why they continue to do corrupt things. The answer I have come to think is that the corruption is at ALL the highest levels of power. Money and power.

  10. Marty Walsh is a liar. The 10 million illegal immigrants coming here from 190 countries, most of them the poorest in the world, are NOT coming here to work, they're being sent here to VOTE and get free stuff.

  11. We need more immigration legal

  12. How many crimes do illegal 👽 aliens commit? How many collect wellfare benefits? How much money is sent out of the the country to foreign. Countries? Stop all immigration for five years at least. There is 340 million people in this country.double the population in 56 years!!!!

  13. These company’s want congress to dig out the immigration situation bc they only have to pay half as much as they would have to pay an American citizen stop worrying about mass profits raise ur wages n hire American

  14. Labor is down bc ppl are having to work two n three jobs just to scrape by but according to the dems they’re making ppls lives easier by lowering cost ppl are working so much to pay for everything bc they artificially raised the prices of everything ppl are walking zombies n have no free time

  15. How many millions homeless Americans?

  16. The only problem our labor force has had is the left and their inability to let go of control.. They have made it more enticing to sit home and wait for a monthly stipend. That has to stop not bring in more people that do not speak english and want even less to learn it now. The powers that be can quit lying about it.

  17. And yet Project Veritas has proof of HHS complicit with cartels and so-called "sponsors" (pimps) exploiting immigrant children for labor! This is a human rights violation. It's also a significant burden for citizens via identity theft, taxes for social security, increased personal expenses (insurances) and yes, even crimes & harm of a wide variety. Businesses and gov't officials knowingly hiring/promoting immigrants in this manner for profitability purposes are criminal themselves. They need to be held accountable for their parts in the violation. To clean up the immigration policy is an understatement!!

  18. He's right… capitalism can't exist without an exploited underclass

  19. Ya sure just call 1-800-call Marty 🙄 People are still getting free this free that why bother going back to work. And no inflation is not going anywhere
    until you people are out of office. Start putting Americans first instead of other countries and illegals.

  20. Marty Walsh is out to lunch!


  22. Another lying Biden admin official.

  23. That is the donkey's excuse for letting unlimited unskilled, unvetted, criminals stealing our resources and the blue-collar workers here who are going suffer greatly and possibly be wiped out.

  24. Nobody taking the bottom jobs. Also, no one to harvest fruits and vegetables.

  25. Diversity destroys neighborhoods, cities and eventually entire counties…and guess who are the people behind it all?

  26. I got two jobs and trying to get a third. What’s your problem? —Chris Rock.

  27. I couldnt stand this guy when he was my mayor, and he's 10 times worse now. 🤮

  28. What ? Illegal invaders have overwhelmed the country, what a joke this administration is.

  29. Ahh… so lack of immigration is the threat?😆Well shoot! Where are Joe Biden's 5 million ILLEGALS who crossed our Borders the last two years? Put them to work to help your precious economy we're all watching tank in the sh*tter. Too bad you can't eat it, cuz you're gonna need something to fill your bellies this Winter~🤨

  30. All you boomers in the comment section need to calm down don't be mad because Gen x and gen z don't have to break their neck at some corporation just to get paid if only you guys would have known that sooner

  31. This isn’t Saudi Arabia where we sit on our a$$ & import cheap labor. Naturally Joe’s rep’s another lame spin doctor.

  32. Marty Walsh isn’t qualified to be holding his job of labor secretary…. A total clown 🤡

  33. Can someone punch this guy out. Saying the southern border is not an issue.

  34. Who cares about creating jobs?! We have TONS of jobs available people left or got fired from!! We dont need MORE jobs! We need more people to WORK!! The kids going into the workforce dont work…they expect a paycheck for showing up! The same kids that got a "participation" trophy!! I have 2 kids that have an unbelievable time holding a job! And I tought them to be early, work hard, stick with it…. their peers didnt get that motivation from their parents, and mine feel the need to follow… and with food service people…an "ENTRY LEVEL" job…demanding 20 dollars an hour to prepare food?! No one will work because they "want more money"! What happened to merit? Working hard and climbing the ladder? You want more pay? Work hard and get manager! Key word, WORK!!! I worked hard to get to 20+, just for Biden to cheapen it by catering to those who dont want to work!! Cant even get an order at a fast food place correct, and they want 20 an hour? Wendys made dinner last month, took the money right away at the window,tyet took 5 minutes to come back with food and almost dropped it before i could grab the bag! All while everyone inside, i saw about 4 of them, laughing histerically at something! Not only that, but the order was way wrong. It wasnt even an actual meal, it looked like a special order…and it wasnt what i ordered!! Half the time, the restaurants here aren't even open, and they have no signs stating why, but its because they cant find people to work!! Dont tell me we need more jobs…we need COMPETENT people working the ones that got left open!!! TRAIN them…Novel idea, I know!🙄

  35. What world is Secretary Marsh living in? He is totally out of touch with reality!

  36. Unless employers are held responsible for illegal employees, it's just masterbation.

  37. they need more SLAVES that BEHAVE👹🤡💩

  38. Try throwing your Unconstitutional Child Support into the mix Maybe you can take another taxpayer out and put him under a bridge cause he can't afford to live a free person's life. Maybe that why the Judge goes by Master.

  39. Somebody needs to put Mr. Baby Talk's needle back in the groove.

  40. I'm no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I earn $56,700 every 21days recently

  41. Where's my welfare check? 😆

  42. what a dumb sob. just another biden cronie lying to us.

  43. He's another MA commie. We should be hiring our own. The fact some guy wants to start a business doesn't mean they get to invade us.

  44. He says what he's told to say.

  45. The proper organization and implementation of labor facilities around the country could solve both immigration and labor shortage problems? IDK just thinking how about you?

  46. What a lie. More white house denial. They just don't see what the working groups see. The jobs they claim they created in a way they did with people getting laid off because they refused the vaccine. Then others laid off because of shutting down pipelines.

  47. How many of these are temporary seasonal jobs?

  48. Bulllll 💩 commie joe administration just using them for their money schemes pass more of there stupid bills they want pass and drugs plus kids get it cheap labor and workers rights abuse thank you again way with that because they ain't document citizens