Biden’s latest claim about MAGA Republicans draws criticism

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee discusses Biden vetoing the anti-ESG bill and union strikes plaguing the L.A. school district.

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  1. The most unpatriotic So called President ever! Semper Fi America!

  2. Maga is the only way to fix this country. Find, promote and vote Maga people only.

  3. Biden is a Criminal who’s above the law obviously

  4. You can't believe americans will stand for it?? Where were you 3 years ago?

  5. Biden is forcing our retirement funds to go where he wants it. Biden is a thief and a traitor.

  6. Fk you communist Democrats get the f out

  7. Better MAGA / than / MAGGOT / Taco Joef

  8. Thats right why are all these politicians smiling? We've lost our country!

  9. Our government is so divided that we've lost our country to China! BRICS has conquered the world and did it without firing a single shot! Japan is joining BRICS! Look what our low IQ government is doing! Childish

  10. your fake if you got Clinton's Best friend
    Huckleberry Hound,on ,get outta here.

  11. Joe Biden and his Cronies were in control of Both the house and senate for two years and it's someone Else's Fault.?? Here come's another Round of Lies from the Liar and Thief. Lets Go Brandon.!!

  12. FJB F him F Him F HIM all he does is LIE!!!!

  13. In all of the republican rallies, not once do they talk down about the American people. The Dems don't have that kind of class. They're constantly talking down to them or calling them "deplorable." We're just people to love this country and cherish their freedom. Where did you go astray?

  14. As far as I'm concerned the teachers that are teaching CRT and Socialism to our kids can stay out of our education system. Leave them all on the curb and reform our education system without these Socialists. Los Angeles

  15. Economic collapse & WWIII.

  16. If it a black dude or a fake women they would just roll over and say it’s ok

  17. Elite Democrats and their aligned higher ups in the corporate media and security state (DOJ, FBI, CIA,NSA are governing the country with patronizing disdain…much as British colonial officials once governed the natives. The problem is most of the American voting public is uninformed, and in a mass hysteria.

  18. When you allow 2 million people in a year illegally what do you think will happen to social security when they get on it? The left is destroying ss

  19. Our country is being systematically being destroyed from within. We have to stop them

  20. Every Maga Republican I know is awesome! Great people who you would want on your team.

  21. The THIEF of the world……F.J.B 😊😅😮🎉

  22. All republicans are maga republicans..

  23. Two things one they are desperate to privatize social security so they can embezzle it in another stock market scheme scam whatever you the second thing is the social security fund was fussing at it seems in the 80s and the Republicans decided hey we need this money to give to her military into other things there's too much money here so they ready to find and now it's in and of course they want to blame it on everybody but this is nothing more than a move to take everybody social security it is not a entitlement it is something at everybody paid into it if they want to take your retirement fund and invested in the stock market when they're eligible or give it away to charity when they're eligible that's their business more power to him leave mine alone it's not a freebie I paid into it everybody paid

  24. Biden is corrupt to his core! He's been guilty of selling top-secret information to the Communist Chinese since the 1970s! What was the Biden Crime Family's business model? Why would the Chinese pay them $hundreds of millions over decades? What did the Biden's do for the Chinese to get paid all this money? Simple! They sold sensitive information, including advanced weaponry technology, to the Communist Chinese! Crooks and traitors!

  25. He lost, we see right thru the Biden crime family and the freak regime!

  26. The useless anti American old man is scared!! that's why he keeps lying about us MAGA voters.. He's such a loser president!

  27. When gov. funds school they teach their agenda.


  29. Most people are stupid and believe anything fake news says!

  30. Climate communism change NWO POISON DARTS digital ID green pass control

  31. When the Democrats claim that the Republicans did or are doing something detrimental to our country then in truth they are gaslighting what they did.

  32. "Stand For The Constitution Or DIE In The Arms Of Tyranny"…..The ignorance of this administration and the complicity of MSM NEEDS TO STOP.

  33. Biden is working from china’s hand book to become a dictator and have his son be the next president

  34. America needs to be rid of Joe Biden.

  35. Criticism from who? faux and the MAGAts? That's no surprise. LMAO.

  36. Trump is a sexual predator and you people who support ultimate are all sick.

  37. প্রেসিডেন্ট মি বাইডেন

    গেম পরিবর্তন হয়ে গেল

    এটার জন্য দায়ী আপনার প্রধান গন

  38. Captain America is Trump fights for us