Biden’s ‘shocking’ use of TikTok feeds into the threat: Media expert

Media Research Center’s Free Speech America V.P. Dan Schneider reacts to Biden reportedly using TikTok influencers to reach young voters in his 2024 campaign on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. Think this scheme will have the same effect as Bud Light's did .. hahahaaLOL

  2. So now if you’re a man and you put on women’s clothing and jump around like a little girl, you get to go to the White House and meet the president??? That’s not satanic or anything….. 🤦🏻

  3. Typical of this hypocritical moron. Acknowledged what Trump said about TikTok and finally stop the government from using it but not before you hustle that he's an Asian racist and then use the platform himself. Pathetic

  4. I hope he suffers the same fate as Bud Lite. His use of a Chinese spying app doesn’t make him seemed compromised at all.

  5. More faux BS. Nothing new.

  6. Time for all states to ban tik tok.

  7. They have to go after Gen Z their the dumbest voters. Look he lied about student loans and look who ran to the polls.

  8. Tic toc is going to shred him.

  9. Biden is going after the "young mentally I'll" voter……

  10. I would never support Kamala Harris

  11. She didn’t do a very good job of answering the question. She dodged it. Young people aren’t dumb.

  12. The ballots will be bought for newscum. Will adultery ruin his run?

  13. Tik-,tok was probably funded by one of Hunter's China business deals. And I'm sure the "big guy" got his 10%. Now king joey wants a return on investment and cuddle up to his Chinese buddies at the same time.

  14. Why would Biden be concerned with using Tik Tok? China already has everything on him. Biden has nothing to lose.

  15. KJP is just a bad liar.

  16. Why not? TIK TOK belongs to his boss.

  17. Buttons got an earpiece in and Obama is talking to Obama said that if he could run a third term by proxy he do it and he's doing it Obama should be locked up

  18. 81 y o fool wanting the youth vote. Ponce de leon crossed with man of lamancha….. Theres no fool like an old fool

  19. The President is not home , the lights are barely on .,.