Biden’s Social Security, Medicare pledge could mean tax hikes for the middle class #shorts

Biden’s big plans for social security and medicare may create a costly headache for the middle class.

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  1. we just need better Government for the people in the country

  2. medicare would be just fine if for the last year's or better if they would stop stilling it and or borrowing it from S.S. and not paying it back now that's the truth we all knew the problem!!?????

  3. The ignoramce in the conservative base, like this comment section, is laughable.

  4. If you ask anyone what’s the biggest problem in America? They’d say Biden and his stupid agenda

  5. Aww…Papa Bidan at his old shenanigans again…😂

  6. There was a surplus in social security. Then Bill Clinton took funds out of SS to pay the loan from China

  7. How ya feel paying for the de ep sta te, because that's all Ukraine ine is.

  8. How about we reverse all the tax cuts the rich have gotten???

  9. Monies we put in went to general funding and politicians stole your money to fund whatever is the problem instead of using said monies for the intended purpose only.

  10. Thanks to all the suckers and fools that voted for joey…

  11. he's getting ready to tap the social security

  12. The middle class doesn't earn over $140k. Remove the cap. The top quintile is the only one with earnings not subject to social security tax.

    Their share of income has grown from 44.2 to 55.7% since 1980. 12.4% on all income would bring in an extra $250 billion a year.

    Raising the retirement age to 70 is a 30% cut in social security for the average person, since average life span is 77.5 years.

  13. I have an idea, why do we stop giving our money to Hunter biden's business partners in Ukraine

  14. They have already spent All ssi. Its in the red. They spent it all on the deep state for themselves

  15. Nothing stuttering Joey does makes sense. Worst president ever. 🙄

  16. Biden has no basis in reality along with the dumbocratic party.

  17. Tax the Rich 15% on all income

  18. Just resign Joe you did enough damage

  19. What are you talking about . Trump 0assed a bill that anyone making less than 75k a year would pay increasingly more tax until the year 2027

  20. Oh please!! They gave the largest increase ever… not really! Not when you take into consideration that they haven’t given an adequate raise to seniors or the disabled in decades! This one seemed well intentioned… that is until inflation completely kicked in. Veterans, Seniors, and Disabled are becoming part of the ever growing homeless population because their checks can’t cover a basic need like housing! All while we Give So Much to those illegally here and to other nations. They should be taking care of American Citizens First! Getting rid of those on the system that simply Don’t Want to work… while forcing those that shouldn’t to do just that simply to survive. Disgraceful!!
    God help us all in this Upside Down Backwards Society we’re currently living in. 🙏🏼💫

  21. Maybe we shouldn't worry about pensions for Ukrainian government officials..

  22. Trying to make America a third world country. He said exactly what he was going to do and 81 million of you voted for him good job.

  23. Maybe it's time we cut welfare to help fund S.S for people who actually paid into it. You don't draw unemployment if you are not seeking employment it's time to put the same stipulation on able bodied people who are drawing it.

  24. He's so full of sh*t! Always has been always will be! So proud of all the ppl that voted this fool in!!🤬🤬

  25. We all know he's crazy and we know everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

  26. Stop the unnecessary spending, all of it. No non citizen spending, which is coming off the backs of the working class citizens. We the people have had to stop even necessary spending.

  27. The problem is that demacrats don't understand what the middle class is.

    The middle class is the working class.

    The middle class is hard-working people who earned what they have, but like eery other working class citizen lives pay check to pay check.

    You can't over tax the middle class without causing hunger poverty homelessness and loss of transportation.

    Meaning no more skilled workers.

  28. Cut welfare, Fair Share Housing and congress, senate salaries and benefits!
    These are entitlements!