Saturday , January 23 2021
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Biden's tax plans could affect small businesses

FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn reports on taxes and how President-elect Joe Biden’s tax plan could affect small businesses. #FoxBusiness

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  1. 3rd World America and The Green New Deal. LOLOLOL

  2. Dear Illegal Aliens, make a run for the Border. Love, The Democrat Party.

  3. I hope Politicians get richer and Americans get what they deserve, poorer. Glad I'm already retired. .

  4. congrats u have new president joe hidden! order Twitter hiding your ex president against him! the fact prove it's joe hidden!

  5. He also wants big tech to censor speech. America is turning into Communist China😡

  6. So.. 80 million people voted for this dude?

  7. Self Employment Tax is & has been the highest rate in the land. It's always been like this.

  8. You get what you vote for. Let’s see how much damage the dems create in the next 4yrs and how much spineless republicans allow it.

  9. Did Biden say I’m only going to tax the rich gess what Biden is one of the rich you think he is going to screw himself 🤥

  10. Good way to wipe out what's left of small business. Double the minimum wage and raise their taxes. RECESSION

  11. Bidens tax plan= stealing money from hardworking Americans and give it to china to split with hunter

  12. Class warfare never works and less money at the end of the month means less employees hired and less capital equipment bought. Here we go 4 years of 1% or less of GDP growth. Not looking like many people will find new jobs.

  13. Half theses clowns voted for this guy. You get the government you deserve

  14. Cant wait till it all collapses, its going to be exciting.

  15. Worst president ever
    Haven't even started yet

  16. You need the greed of human nature and capital, just as the United States creates European chaos and shortens Italy and euro to make profits! You need external forces to short US dollars and plunder us dollar assets! Use the greed of capital to create American chaos! u need do the same!

  17. Could are you serious he's still pissed off at Trump for helping them and not sending multiples of billions overseas to his cuddle friends.

  18. Kick the people while they are down and then spit on them

  19. If you voted for Joe you got what's coming

  20. They based this story on nobody here understanding the difference between income and revenue. They were 100% on target with that.

  21. Could raise taxes? Potentially raise taxes? Seems to be bad news before anything has even changed.

  22. Tax n spend democrats
    . go on…. What could possibly go wrong?? Voters u showed that evil trump

  23. They have to make them pay so they can give big tech a break

  24. 400K is a small business ? Average income is maybe $45.000k ? Speaking from the rural midwest

  25. Dont forget the automatic tax increases built in the 2017 break that kick in 2021 – 27 a little gift from Mitch. Hope Biden can repeal it. Bet you all need to search “stepped tax”

  26. Are we surprised? (No)

  27. This is the way the Democrats operate. Get more taxes and then give it away to foreign countries !!!!!!!!!!!!

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