Thursday , January 28 2021
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Biden's vow to stop border wall construction could be costly

President-elect Biden vows to stop President Trump’s construction on the southern border wall. FOX Business’ Grady Trimble with more.

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  1. Joe is a 🥜 and the thing he says is his vice is 💩. Put theses 2 together and you get Nutty Poo😂🤣

  2. This is about getting people across the border that will accept payment to vote Democrat. What else would it be? Actual money and free healthcare and housing that American taxpayers will pay for

  3. Construction on this wall should have started in the 1960s

  4. I wouldn’t worry about it because Trump is the president.

  5. The border wall is the Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Americans are starving, people are dying en masse from a poorly managed pandemic (that’s okay because that’s what the Trump’s elite buddies want), people are going to be tossed on the street in January like the Capitalist commodities they are, etc., and they’re still going on about their ‘border wall for dummies’ 😂. Blatant anti immigrant tactics like Nigel Farage used for Brexit. Now the UK is screwed

    Trump and Biden studded their cabinets with Goldman Sachs idiots. At least Trump could’ve drained the swamps. He made it worse. The man is a compulsive lying rich brat sociopath

  6. Your absolutely right Mark!

  7. Here we go again socialism here we come

  8. And just to point this out, as many have mention before me,. Look at the likes and dislikes on this video, pretty much sums up what percentage President Trump probably won by in this election. Sad, for those whose heads are filled with fully functioning brains.

  9. Joe Biden is not president !!!!!!

  10. Yeah there you go Joe, just let people come in and bring all their problems to us.

  11. I thought Trump said Mexico was paying so it shouldn't cost the US anything or was Trump Lying?

  12. Biden against the well of God he receive the wrath of God. God will put him shame. God is in control all.

  13. Biden needs to needs to be in jail

  14. I am trusting God for 4 more years of President Trump.

  15. We need to stop the Biden family and corrupt democrats

  16. Money is irrelevant to the left.

  17. That's just Biden. More drugs and human trafficking

  18. Not only will the wall construction be stopped, but he is going make 11 million illegal immigrants LEGAL!

  19. Biden just wants the votes. He doesn't care about American citizens that need jobs that will be given to illegal immigrants. Democrats are anti-American

  20. Most of those poor American possums fleeing to Mexico or Canada just want affordable medical health care or education. so sad now also Canada is building a wall.

  21. With Trump we can be homophobes, masaganists and call news fake. Now with Biden we can lie, cheat and steal to get what we want. America the great. Thank God he sent us his son. We still have hope on this Earth. Jesus we know how bad you had it and you were his son. As long as we are not slumped over in Hell with no hope we will trust in our Heavenly Father.

  22. Biden is an idiot. Not my president.

  23. China wants to displace America by 2025 as the lead nation and with Biden in office they certainly will. It's time to get these sellouts out of office while we still have a country left. Red Dawn is real it's just more mundane in real life.


  25. Biden wants more illegals that he can convert to voters.

  26. We know he has no intention of doing any enforcement. Remember he is bought and paid for by foreign interests. The dementia patient has no allegiance to the United States.

  27. Well HE SHOULDN'T GET CHANCE to stop it!!!! Pray he doesn't get that chance for the steal.

  28. Not wise to bring people in this country especially with a pandemic

  29. It's because he's a push over to the weak agendas and needs some of those aggressive murderers coming after him.

  30. Goes to show you he incompetent

  31. Joe won’t be with us if that happens

  32. He better not touch that wall!! They need to continue putting it up!! Biden needs to go. NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!

  33. Donald Trump was elected president
    For the second term

  34. The only thing Joe Biden is not president elect he’s trying to steal it

    📖 🌎 📜
    Luke 📖 chapter 11 vs 17…
    But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation ; and a house divided against a house falleth.
    📜🌎 📖….
    GOD states the ❤ heart of the LIBERAL IS ;
    ISAIAH 📜 32 VS 5 THRU 8….
    ISAIAH 📜 5 VS 20 THRU 24…

  36. Joe Biden must not be allowed to steal this election from President Trump . America will be turned into a third world country under a left wing socialist dem party . This wall has been a God send to U.S. border Patrol. Biden is falling pray to liberal left wing illegal immigrant loving sociopaths .

  37. Biden is selling out to China. Do you actually cares about costing American taxpayers a few million more dollars? He is not America’s President. He is China’s President.

  38. Why are we putting up with this illigitiment president

  39. All the illegal people they let in should go to Pelosi's, Biden's, Schumer's, etc. house since they want all them people here. They can take care of them. We do not want them here. Merit should count. God Bless

  40. Biden is upset there is a wall now to help stop more of his voter base from getting in.

  41. Well, one good thing is Biden is not president yet! Meanwhile why is Biden getting so much press on his nonesense, there has to be better things to report on besides this crazy person that has not a clue to what he is talking about. Who is in the background telling this inept person what to do?

  42. I can’t believe that he’s not the president

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