Saturday , May 15 2021
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Big tech executives testify on app store antitrust hearing

Senate Judiciary Subcommittee holds hearing on ‘Antitrust Applied: Examining Competition in App Stores.’ Spotify, Google, and Apple executives testify. #FOXBusiness

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  1. BIG tech pushing congress around !!!

  2. Obviously these companies are the enemy.

  3. We should hit them exactly where it would hurt, their wallets am sure that will stop them, just ask Coca Cola, if their business got affected but calling the Texas voting laws was racist just for requiring I D to vote. Few weeks later the change their minds.

  4. Senator, we have be giving our best effort to safe money for our customers, n gave tremendous effort to protect our customer's privacy. All of our efforts r commendable worthy of our customer's praises. How so? Just look at our track record for the last 25 yrs.

  5. It's stolen technology the same as China steals everything

  6. It was nice to see both parties cooperating on this, very refreshing!!

  7. Big tech needs to be knocked down a few notches and need to make room for other competitors. Their cowardly ways of taking down marginal comments is laughable.

  8. I have an Android that cost about $50.00 and it isn't very good. There is a lot that I can't do and my you tube on it used to work, and it just quit one day working on fb messenger, On posts on fb it works, but not on the yt site. I have the app. So I don't get it.

  9. Stay out of polotics all of you

  10. There is an obvious needs for some 'app-source-agnostic-store' to offset this monopoly..

  11. “To provide unbiased, accurate information…” (from Google)

    He was smiling when saying that. I’m watching 13 and a quarter hours of government hearing, and that actually made me laugh. Who knew this was a comedy show.

  12. It shows that if you don’t agree to apps that ask if they can track you, you cannot use the app at all. That’s not options.

  13. also include retired disabled incomes have free or reduced rate so we may have access to news apps and other products, Tucker Huckabee @ MSN went up to $99, office … … … ,
    oh and can they combined msn. outlook. hotmail. all in 1 msn format with the sweep abilities of outlook would be great pull them back together .. & & &
    put/unchange when u search put original info before the woke media started hiding the truth …
    just saying 🙁

  14. WeAll know President Trump won!! ♥️♥️♥️ injected corrupt family doesn’t belong running our country! Step down cheaters! 👎

  15. i just tuyped in "find lost keys" in app store,

    find my phone came up first, tile came up second

  16. We need to regulate them like European countries do. I wish there was a decent affordable Linux phone that just used wifi calling, I'd ditch that iphone that sits idle on the coffee table 90% of the time.

  17. Also… there’s a major problem with digital content. EVERYONE, YOU DON’T OWN ANY DIGITAL CONTENT! Apple, Amazon and any others who sell you e-books, digital movies, audible, songs, all of it aren’t selling you anything but a copy that you are only “RENTING”, that they can remove from your devices at any time.

    A bought an audible book from Apple and six months later they removed it from my device because THEY decided the content was inappropriate. They didn’t refund me the money and two years later that same audible was back in the Apple store. Amazon , despite having a “Rent” option and a “To Buy” with one click option, claims that you are only renting a copy of it. So why only two options to rent an e-book? Because they are intensionally misleading consumers.

    So your paid for (some more expensive than others) digital content is subject to what ever they deem is appropriate at that time. Any content can be removed from your devices (Amazon already did this once and is being taken to court on another) by their own ideology. What happens if Amazon, Google, Apple, or any other online store decided that content isn’t Woke enough, not Liberal enough, feels it promotes hate crime (without any proof), has White Supremacy in it or written by one? They can take any digital content from you without your consent or knowledge.

    Anyone with a digital copy of the Dr. Seuss books that was banned, are they still on any of your devices? I have a feeling they aren’t and I bet they weren’t refunded that money back for it.

    Wake Up People!!!

  18. what a waste of taxpayer dollars. They go after these guys once a month and do nothing.
    The only thing these politicians do is infringe on our rights and throw away our tax dollars.

  19. I wonder when the american people will start holding politicians and corporations accountable? It seems that the court system isn't working…..for anyone…..

  20. WOW What a racket they got going on.

  21. re: amazon, google & apple stores business model is an example when the best intention lead to evil outcome

  22. Facebook, Amazon,apple and tweeter used their platform in the elections to banner people from one side

  23. Ummmm … Google… the people do NOT trust you anymore!

  24. Google play says "look at the price of cheapest phone" .. and what's the price of your high end phones? That's why the low end is so cheap

  25. Tinder? You kidding me Apple! Tinder is such a scam today, so many fake profiles and misleading catch subscriptions

  26. Hmm…again everyone is distracted or so they thought.

  27. Apple lying scum. They've cheated me more than once

  28. I only see one CEO..
    The title makes it sound like is full house of CEOs.😁

  29. I disabled most apps that were pre-installed on my phone. I rarely use apps because I don't trust what kind of data they are storing from each app. I just use the basic functions I need on my phone. What I find offensive is when you get a warning saying that other apps might not work properly if you delete or disable one. They want to scare you into leaving them all functional. It's no wonder that Apple can build a spaceship 'compound' with all kinds of luxuries…it's because they are crooks!

  30. Those big tech executives should be embarrassed they know exactly what they are doing

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