Thursday , January 21 2021
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'Big tech oligarchs' have declared war on conservatives: Sen Cotton

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has a message for big tech after Twitter, Facebook block access to the New York Post story about Hunter and Joe Biden.

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  1. Break up the tech monopolies.

  2. Big Tech serves the coming antichrist system. Enemies of the people.

  3. They locked me out also Twitter

  4. Lol 😂 they go agains Tech companies when results don’t favored them

  5. This all equally true and horsesh*t at the same time. Big Tech Oligarchs run this nation, Fox, and our gov’t. Cotton is an ant that can be squashed to them.

  6. (Grand old party) & (Grand wizard of the ku Klux Klan social club) Pulaski Tennessee the polish named that City. A Polish invasion of racist people. Democrat Republican don't think that evil people won't jump ship and go to the next party. I don't make baseless disclaims I do my research. What do you know that someone hasn't written or said to you? Everybody's knowledge is a little bit skewed from true reality

  7. The actions of these companies is actually treasonous.

  8. Beijing Biden is A NATIONAL SECURITY RISK!!!!!!  Joe is a TRAITOR!!!!!

  9. Pointing the finger are we? Nothing new there. A capitalist purge is on the rise

  10. Well ain't he clever. How about less stupid catch phrases and more real action.

  11. Twitter, Facebook and Google went against every American, When they blocked information on the Biden's / Ukraine and China, to influenced the Presidential election, they should loose everything, oh and by the way throw in the main stream media for lying and with holding information for Democratic's, they are all a disgrace

  12. I want winter NOW.Isaid NOW TODAY

  13. Put him in jail! Excessively rich spoiled brat! Need to have "stupid" slapped out of him—Zuckerberg !

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  15. Right on. Winter is coming for the marxist social media. Competition is best for the consumer.

  16. Every one he have Wright to Suede google Facebook and Twitter They are Communist


  18. "Winter is coming" is this a reference to games of Thrones.

  19. Enjoy it while they can cause and 10 days they're gonna be Trump's number one target

  20. Split them into a dozen competing entities.

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  22. uh oh..there goes the interruptions..



  25. Phs too late…lol
    I deleted Facebook 2 months ago.

  26. Please people delete Facebook & Twitter plz for 3 months and see how much happier you will be give it a try!

  27. And just as he was speaking they were trying to disrupt his communication..did you see that glitch in the planned Matrix?

  28. Boycott Twitter, facebook and any of the social media that tries to censor.

  29. Who made these big tech companies think they are God?

  30. These giant go to hell now corona time

  31. These evil blood sucking parasites need to be executed immediately for the sake of humanity

  32. It's odd that rigging the election by manipulating the information available to voters isn't some kind of crime.

  33. ⚠️Tuittrr and FB.⚰️⚰️⚰️

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