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Biggest NL threat to Dodgers & Does LA have advantage over Yankees? | MLB WHIPAROUND

The MLB Whiparound crew discusses whether the Braves or Mets poses the bigger threat to the Dodgers. Also, if the Dodgers and Yankees meet in the World Series, who has the upper hand?

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Biggest NL threat to Dodgers & Does LA have advantage over Yankees? | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. Who would win this World Series matchup: Yankees or Dodgers?

  2. Mets? Are they even gonna make the playoffs?? What a joke…hey swish Braves #1 starter in Mike Soroka…#2 guy is Max Fried…Keuchel and Folty that makes are big 4…bullpen has been solid lately

  3. Mets? Are they even gonna get into the playoffs??? What’s a joke

  4. Ummm Keuchel will be our number one. Soroka #2, and probably Julio Teheran whose been great this year. Melancon is our closer he’s 6/6 and greene has been comfortable setting up for him.

  5. Yankees are not beating the Astros dude

  6. wouldn’t that be funny if WS was LA VS MINN

  7. Frank Thomas said that the Dodgers would have home field advantage if they make it to the World Series, but correct me if I’m wrong but the American League won the all star game this year so American League has home field advantage in this year World Series. So Yankees would beat the Dodgers then because that was the reason he was picking them!?! 🤔😉😁

  8. How are they gonna sit there and talk about “Potential World Series” and not even MENTION the Astros… disrespectful

  9. Biggest threat to the Dodgers is our own bullpen and Roberts decision making . And him being too loyal to Jansen

  10. Braves take 2 of 3 from LA and sweep the Mets, but somehow the Mets are a bigger threat to LA

  11. And then the Braves swept the Mets

  12. As the braves finish off a sweep of the Mets… do better Fox

  13. I can’t tell cuz both teams are even right now 😂 but why do people love hating the Yankees? Is it cuz their the New York Yankees or what cuz I don’t even hate the Red Sox as a Yankees fan I always questioned why people hate them. Even people that aren’t Red Sox fans hate the Yankees like I’m so confused 😂

  14. Dodgers got the rotation, Yankees got the bullpen… It's gonna be close

  15. I don't think you can take anything these guys say seriously because they think they know everything about a team by watching 10 games by each team a year.

  16. That’s bold speculation considering the Yankees don’t have the pitching to get to the World Series.

  17. Not sure how the nationals aren’t in this conversation, they are as hot as any team in baseball, better than the Mets and just as good as the braves right now.


  19. DODGERS SUCKS Point Blank Period

  20. Oh please LA and NY Yanks can’t hold a candle against the GS warriors of baseball:HOUSTON ASTROS

  21. Dodgers are making it to their third straight World Series but they’re also going to lose their third straight World Series

  22. How can these guys say the Mets are better prepared than the Braves???? It’s disrespectful to Atlanta.

  23. the only team i could see knocking off the dodgers in a 5 game series would be the nationals … braves are the 2nd best team in the nl but would only play the dodgers in a 7 game series … the mets are trash

  24. The nats are the best biggest threat to the Dodgers

  25. I can’t stand frank thomas and nick swisher nice guys but they’re analyzing bothers me plus swishers bias

  26. I hate the Dodgers… but if them winning the WS means the bandwagon Yankee fans cant brag about their 28th ring for the next decade then I'm happy with that

  27. Dodgers can’t handle real teams.

  28. Nah. Only way Mets are winning if they make the playoffs is if they just use 4 starters to pitch complete games. That bullpen is horrible

  29. The Mets won’t make the playoffs

  30. Guys wake up the Mets aren't good even though they're in New York. The braves are far far better

  31. There is a line from "Catch me if you can" about how teams cant win against the Yankees because they cant keep their eyes off those pinstripes. Well today the "Lucky Walkoff Dodgers" couldnt take THEIR eyes off as they stared deep into the Dark Abyss that is the Evil Empire as NY draws first blood.

  32. The Mets rotation isn’t the good, degrom is a top 5 pitcher in baseball yes, but the other starters are inconsistent at best and stroman is overrated this is his first good year but since he’s been with the Mets he hasn’t been lights out

  33. Paxton's hurt all year resting like Leonard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. The Dodgers are not invincible…the Braves have a strong enough team to win a series. The Dodgers rotation isn't as good as it's been in recent years. The Braves just won 2 of 3 from them and have dominated the Mets all year. Either way the Astros will more then likely take it all.

  35. American League. Yankees , Astros , A’s , red socks. National league is weak

  36. Neither the Mets or the Braves could beat the Dodgers. It is unfortunate, but true. The Mets bullpen will get in the way if they were to meet, and the Braves lack fire in the rotation after Soroka. Plus this will be his first time starting in the postseason. The Braves dropped the ball not trying to get Grienke or Stroman. The only team in the National League that can prevent the Dodgers from a National League Three-Peat is the Cubs. They simply have the talent and experience to match up. Of course they might not even make the playoffs because Maddon apparently can manage highly talented squads.

  37. Why does nick swisher look like he is ready to “party” 👃💨

  38. I prey that the Dodgers do not win the National League. However, right now I see a Astros-Dodgers World Series.

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