Biggest rail union rejects contract, GMA strike looms

The nation’s largest railroad union voted Monday against a tentative contract negotiated by the White House, raising the possibility of a nationwide strike next month that could cripple the US economy. READ MORE: #abcnews #railstrike #railway #railroad #union #strike

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I just started working for CSX back in August every Monday at the CSX REDI Center in ATL they bring in classes of 60 conductors because the overturn rate is over 90% I'm about to quit myself NO SICK TIME ON CALL 6/7 DAYS A WEEK absent attendance policy 80 points Max 7 points per day 10 points for miss call only received 20 points taken off for good attendance after 6 months so u better not get sick or have a family emergency you're only guaranteed 1 day off per week on the extra board none on the pool board they have until 8 p.m. the day before your day off to call you for work SO if they do call cancel all your plans on your day off because you're working now 🤣once u get back home 2 days later they will give you 24 hours off instead of the required 10 hours rest to make up for your day off that u missed but after u get your regular 10 hour rest now u only have just 14 hours of your day off to enjoy 😡and they can call you 2 hours before your day off is over to report exactly at the 24 hour mark they rush us through training because they're so short-handed so majority of new hires are having derails and accidents every day I know a lot of you guys will say you get paid a lot my average annual income for right now if I keep working at CSX will be around 75k but I can work at other jobs and make close to that but with better benefits and less drama & 2 days off per week & paid sick days ONE LAST THING WE DON'T PAID PER HOUR it's BY the JOB/MILES SO THEY WILL KEEP U AT WORK 12 HOURS minimum EVERY DAY ONLY 10 HOURS OFF RIGHT BACK AT WORK TO DO ANOTHER 12 HOURS WE BE SO TIRED & SLEEPY ALL THE TIME AT WORK I'M DONE WITH CSX "labor does not contribute to profits" according to CSX so why are you guys so scared to let us strike answer that question CSX 🖕

  2. Who's the economy for? For the many and not the few.

  3. What else is new just democrats socialist crumberling america

  4. Awww…so sad. Nobody wants a strike yet no one cared how many railroad workers worked sick or worked sick AND extremely tired from the weird work hours while millions got to sit in the robes and pajama's for home work or the vicious practices of the multi-national RR companies and on and on and on. I completely support a strike.

  5. Where is Pete Buttigieg????
    We still have empty shelves and baby formula is still hard to find after a year!!!!!!!

  6. That be nice for us truckers because we actually don't have much work not sure we're the we don't truckers bullcrap came from

  7. Looks like biden isn’t quite the dealmaker he proclaimed to be. Freedom Convoy 2.0 incoming! 🤡

  8. remember folks when your starving it is 100% the workers fault there is no diesel and gas at the pumps and no food on the shelves at the store.

  9. Where is pete buttigieg??? He's probably playing hide the salami with his husband and tossing his salad

  10. Rail company execs are taking advantage of the hard working class running the railroads.

  11. They can still be fired for more than just a few sicknesses or family emergencies in a year, any time they are not available 24/7/365 is counted towards firing. But allowing ANY time off is apparently too expensive for an industry that pays tens of billions a year JUST in stock buy backs alone.

  12. Why are the mainstream news medias not making this rail strike their headline new story? You have to look for news on this yourself,, it is kept well out of the mainstream news..why?

  13. People should no longer deliver to rich for anything less than 1,000 dollars a mile.

  14. This will effect people from Midwest and land locked states the worst.

  15. I'm hoping they don't compromise for some watered down agreement and bring themselves back to square 1.

  16. The union members need to make clear that if congress plans to intervene on the railroad executive's behalf, then they will resign en mass and the days of freight rail in this country will be over.

  17. Union was warned NOT to strike until after the election so the American people couldn't do anything about it. That's how sickening this administration is. That's the REAL story. There was no deal, Biden Lied. $2 Billion/day will be sucked from the economy and MANY jobs will be lost. #cancelbiden

  18. The Andrew White house.where all the dna stains loom.

  19. Wages must keep pace with prices.
    Go railway workers!
    Get that raise!

  20. Railroad infrastructure needs to be nationalized. Its absolutely absurd that we allow private companies to own infrastructure that everyone relies on as private RRs do not like to do capital investment. The reason for this is that money spent on infrastructure capital investment is money not given to shareholders to increase stock price. All of the current problens the railroads are facing stems from this fundamental problem. It is time to nationalize.

  21. Bro before all you ignorant losers talk
    my buddy works for the rail road and its like handcuffs bro

  22. this is on the railroad companies. If they actually gave their workers some decent work life balance and benefits, there wouldn't be such a shortage of labor. Simple economics baybee. If there's scarcity of employees, raise the working conditions