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Bill Gates on vaccine fight: ‘There's a lot of heroes’ to ending pandemic

As the Gates Foundation announces a $250 million COVID vaccine commitment, Bill Gates tells ABC News Live anchor Linsey Davis the pandemic “will be seared in the memory of this generation.”

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Your news outlet really gives validation to the virus disease making, virus disease spreading Bill Gates? Who in the hell respects his money? O.K. the media can sell out but, do the people of America sell out? Oh yeah, and by the way… where is your damn flu virus that spreads every year at this time? You are so fixed on covid 19 that you have forgotten about your new strain of flu that you put out every year. 6:33 is the incriminating admission of collusion and guilt to infect people world wide with disease and virus for profit. Bill Gates talks about looking at the data, well lets look at his data… really… the type of man that he is and you would trust a person like this? America, land of the cowards. Trump was your best chance and big tech, big pharma and mainstream media stole it from you all. Land of cowards.

  2. so many brain dead incels in these comments that get their information from their uncles who work in construction on facebook

  3. Does he wanna explain why theres something called luciferase in the vaccine?? plus ppl who took it felt disconnected from God right after. I wont trust this man ever or the government. Its was never a vaccine it was for control over ppl just how the illuminati wants it to be. JESUS IS KING wake up ppl.

  4. Bill hell Gates has a horn growing out of his forehead. How appropriate.

  5. I am sure he and all his family if exposed to a covid crowd.they wont fall ill. If you know what i meant.

  6. His Ted talk 8 years ago claimed we need to reduce the population by New Vaccines! Fact!

  7. Steve Jobs thought Bill Gates was a dipshit

  8. Read This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, to better understand the Truth about COVID-19, AIDS, Cancers and other Man-Made Diseases.

  9. I don't believe in that man too eager to be a philanthropist.
    lie and cheat in front of your eyes and you don't see it?

  10. Father Covid-19!!!!! Big Devil in the world!!!!

  11. Devil in the world!!!!!! dr.Mengele

  12. sick man! Go to hell with him

  13. The Media airs this Sociopath Eugenics so often 🤮🤣

  14. You and medicine .. 🤫🤫🤫 !!!
    I will be astronaut next year cuse i have money

  15. I wanna hear Bill say: "An Apple A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away".


  17. If it was some random person out of nowhere that would have stepped up ok . But Bill Gates ,it`s so obvious he has been on top of this now for many years , cause he KNEW when it would happen making it the biggest profit he ever made .patience+time=profit

  18. He owns almost 50% of CASTLE. The joint venture he has of buying up all the land parcels to distribute 5G towers. Soros has his mitts on it too. Then, he globally patents 060606. And announces his vaccine 3 years prior to the 'pandemic'.
    And people think there's no conspiracy…

  19. Bill and Melinda Gates have pushed depopulation for years! Why should we trust them pushing the Covid vaccine which was created in record time under Trump's Administration?. 😒Craziness! Look at how giddy his butt is he is excited.

  20. Gates looks unhealthy himself, and people want to listen to him about health advice.

  21. Gates being interviewed on an iMac 😝 well done Gates.

  22. He did a great job in Africa…
    He’s not fooling me. Fort Detrick was built by him and Obama. Covid was designed there then weaponized in Wu.
    This is a serious conspiracy

  23. Why the hell is this guy interviewed. Feel sorry for people taken this vaccine.

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