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Bill Nye On Helping Kids Understand How Covid Vaccines Work | NBC News NOW

Vaccine manufacturers are asking the FDA about the possibility of widening Covid-19 vaccine distribution to children as more adults are receiving doses. Beloved scientist and educator Bill Nye explains the importance of helping kids understand vaccines and Covid-19 prevention.
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Bill Nye On Helping Kids Understand How Covid Vaccines Work | NBC News NOW


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  1. lying scumball scientist on TV only

  2. Can you please stop making Propaganda?

  3. "Gender is determined by your chromosomes."


    "Gender is on a spectrum."

  4. Bill bye is just an actor

  5. Don't let that weirdo anywhere near kids!!

  6. I prefer science as science rather than science as religion.

  7. Sorry he’s not a real source of information. 👎🏼

  8. This guy is the biggest creep in America

  9. He has as much credibility as Dr falsey


  11. Look it's not a actual scientists

  12. Bill Nye is an engineer not a scientist or Doctor.

  13. 3:30 mentions bacteria when covid is a virus 😂

  14. `Hi, kids! Roll up your sleeves! These injections will assure you a shortened life of mental illness, ovarian failure, cancer, and pain. Do your part to help fight climate change. There are too many people in the world. Starting with you!'

  15. 4:48
    "There's an Expression, I Don't Know if YOUR Familiar With IT….."



  16. He look so evil in the thumbnail I can't stand this shyt

  17. BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! Bill Nye the Science Guy

  18. This guy is one of the biggest scientific sell outs lol

  19. Is this like how bill nye says gender is a spectrum and theres thousands of genders? Lol, way to destroy any chance of people taking the vax, also pls keep this creep away from the children.

  20. A beautiful 17 year old neighbor of mine will be sterilized this weekend. This morning she told me she was getting the "vaccine".

  21. Total b.s… wake up dummies,.voting is a lie

  22. Oh look, it’s Bill Nye, Propaganda Guy.

  23. Anyone that buys this utter nonsense..much less from this dummie n.w.o actor..what a demonic lying piece of garbage

  24. He looks like a total buffoon..also he looks Insane..what a clown… I know he's a actor on the dumb masses

  25. A little fun fact Bill Nye is related to Bill Gates!!!!

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