Billions stolen in Covid-related fraud, according to estimates

Three years after the start of the pandemic, the size and scale of Covid-related fraud is staggering. NBC News’ Tom Costello has more details on who may be to blame for the estimated $560 billion stolen in federal relief funds.

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  1. Harlem, Queens, and New Jersey have 100% of all these PPP loans.

  2. if you default at the bank it's your fault if the bank gives more its their fault

  3. Have faith in the distracting priests of the pandemic religion!
    (0:24) Divided by all citizens, this fraud adds up merely to about $1500 per individual… For that pocket money, Trump's attorneys don't even pick up the phone.

  4. 50 Billion / day? you all still believe that sh**t? How many people are there in America? with that amount you will all be rich, free food and no bank debt! They put a big number in your face because they wants you to think that Covid stole your tax dollars but not Joe Bisky's government.😐

  5. Who else but america.

  6. Keep going Tom Costello! Please continue to point out the mismanagement of our federal government.

  7. This is why we can't have nice things!

  8. It is unacceptable and unfair.

  9. Total scam, the whole show was…..Evil people.

  10. Feeding Our Future , a non profit, stole 250 million in Minnesota

  11. Why isn't Pfizer or big pharm mentioned here

  12. Ya it my money and yours..mostly yours

  13. That doesn't surprise me with the incompatint president we have in office 580 billion WTF DUMBEST ADMINISTRATION AMERICA HAS EVER HAD

  14. Biden's Justice Department increased the statute of limitations to 10 years 😐 Unfortunately for those that are Americans, Uncle Sam may be slow. His arm though has a long reach👍Sleep well my friends 😄

  15. What's even crazier is that a lot of people that stole that money are literally in Congress. I say lock them up forever, no matter what side they are on.

  16. well if you play by the rules your falling behind & your a sucker for doing so

  17. The Florida Man was in charge! Surprised anyone?

  18. Republicans love no oversight for a reason.

  19. What if George santos got $700k haha

  20. Check the governments pockets.

  21. I'm surprised we still have money to give to Ukraine.

  22. Imagine that. Same with bs solar projects. Now we need 86K new IRS agents to audit all of us. DRAIN THE SWAMP

  23. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson committed the most fraud. And don't forget the covid money for abortion.

  24. Covid-19 is a fraud. The pandemic had all the classic elements of a con. The only people that died were the elderly and people that did not have access to proper nutrition- the elderly. The virus outran our technology and our distribution.
    You can't really tell the positive effect of the vaccine because the human body is an open system and continues to have its own immune response. Everything we were told was inconclusive.

  25. Half of postal employees in south Florida did this

  26. My uncle is an accountant with 3 employees. He was never out of work. All remote. Hundreds of thousands of dollars free money.

  27. Pfizer sponsored the media as they told USA the vaccine stops covid and the spread.,, April 2022, Rachel meadow again kept saying it as the vaccine stops the spread from person to person.